Letter #613: A Wedding and a Funeral

Dear platforms,

Everyone is looking for his or her own version of you.

Professional athletes. Rockstars. Politicians. You used to have to be in one of these roles to have you. These people still do, but the opportunity to gaining you has grown immensely.

Social media allows anyone to have a voice. Some voices are louder than others, but nevertheless the gate to gaining one of you has widened. I think at the core of us all, we want to be known. We want to be loved. We want to be heard.

However the truth is, we each have an audience watching and listening each day. Sorority sisters. Co-workers. Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Your own children. Neighbors. People are watching. The question is what are we portraying?

Platforms: they’re everywhere. Justin Timberlake, Kevin Durant and Taylor Swift’s are massive. A first grade teacher’s is much smaller yet still impactful. Supervisors of employees set the tone for the entire workplace. Pastors are responsible to communicate the truth of the Gospel.

They may vary in size and severity, but they are all important. However, I believe there are two times in life when you far exceed any other moment.

The greatest two platform opportunities in an individual’s life: one’s wedding and one’s funeral. One we really have no say in. The other we typically get so consumed by details of colors and centerpieces that we miss opportunity altogether.

When I die, I will have no say in how my service goes. Even if I document details I still have no control over what people actually say. However, every person in attendance will be completely focused on the life I lived.

I sat at a funeral this week, and these are the things I was thinking about. Strange, I know. Regardless, it got me thinking. There are two times in life when people have the undivided attention of hundreds of others. The only way I can affect what you look like at my funeral is by how I live in the moments. I pray I end on a worthwhile note. I pray the memories shared are less about me and more about eternal hope in Christ. I pray the choices I’m making today leave a legacy for Christ when I’m dead and gone, but I also pray I maximize my daily platforms as well.

We all have versions of you. Our Twitter handles. Our friend circles. Our employees. Our nieces, nephews and children. Everyone’s looks a little different, but we all have them. Today I am challenged how I’m using you daily. What am I pointing people to? How am I leading and influencing with the platforms I’ve been given?

As I’m reminded to embrace you daily, I’m also challenged to think through what my wedding (prayerfully if it happens one day) and funeral will reflect. There are two times in life we have the biggest platform opportunities. Two times of undivided attention. Our daily platforms are touch and go, but these two are intently focused. How will we use these two days of our lives? What will these platforms point to? Temporary and superficial or eternal and life-changing?

Here’s to strange and challenging thoughts while celebrating the life of a sweet lady,

Platform Recognizer

Letter #513: Weekend of Fun!

Dear weekend,

You were filled with so many great things. I became a “Master,’ enjoyed an afternoon at the outlets because sometimes being a girl just wins out, spent time with friends, didn’t study!, took pictures at a friend’s engagement, danced the night away at a beautiful wedding and all around had a ton of fun!

You were filled with lots of old friends. Bodie, my Kanakuk Institute classmate, married Marissa, friend from the K-World, so tons of classmates and friends from other stages of life were in town. What a sweet weekend you were!

Thankful for a year with these people and SO many more not present! There's just something special about these friendships!
2010 Kanakuk Institute Class!!!
Lawson!!! My friends, the Schmidt's, baby!
Sweet Branson friends!

Their story is awesome! Both early thirties and never been married. Both individually content and seeking the Lord fervently in their own unique ways. Both adventurous beyond belief. Each complementing the other perfectly. Together a testament to the Lord’s faithfulness and perfect timing. Likely not what either of them individually planned, but could never have worked out the way it did without the Lord’s sovereignty and perfection. What a great reminder and a super fun wedding!!!!

The happy couple!

I also got to take pictures at another Institute friend’s engagement. So excited for you two and can’t wait to break it down at that reception! Perfect weekend to the ending of grad school!

Institute friends at Nate and Stephanie's engagement!

Already excited to the weekends that lie ahead,

Lover of weekends

Letter #484: Weekend Highlights

Dear weekend,

You were spent in Oklahoma and were really fun. Here’s a quick recap of highlights:

My grand little from college got married!

Hannah....you are a beautiful bride!

Sweet reunions with college friends…

My Little and I in the self made photo booth!

Tons of catch up time with the pledge class who were freshmen when I was a junior…I was their pledge trainer…favorite position I held in college!

The bridesmaids!
Love that our circles are so intwined!
Always enjoy our unexpected reunions!

Singing the Kappa Delta lullaby when nobody knows the words…thanks for the printout of words Kadee!

The KD circle...

Going to see Stomp, a silent comedy filled with percussion…such a neat show! Also glaringly evident I have zero rhythm!

Papa Roth and I at the show...sorry you weren't feeling well Mom, but thanks for letting me take your ticket!

All in all, you were a blast. I was super thankful for a Saturday filled with rest…and grad school. Only six more weeks until I’m done! I also loved getting to have dinner with my super prego sis and brother-in-law in Tulsa! Oklahoma, you’re always good to me. Let’s do it again soon…Oh wait, next time I’ll have a new nephew! I can’t wait!

I actually love weekdays, but I LOVE you even more,

Weekend lover

Letter #440: Wedding Weekend

Dear Weekend,

You were really fun. Here’s a quick glance into you and the Tignor wedding with just a few highlights…

Candid at the Bachelorette! Obviously hilarious!
Rehearsal with Joey, fellow bridesmaid!
Bridesmaids...Whitney and Jane!
The most precious baby, Mathias, in a three piece suit...Preacher's son!
The sparkler departure....Happy Honeymoon!!!

To the Tignor’s,

Weekend celebrator