Letter #474: Charleston Via Pictures!

Dear vacation,

You were perfect. I can’t sing Charleston’s praises enough, but I’d rather reminisce via pictures and maybe let you guys see into how great it really is!

After three hours of sleep, the journey begins...
We arrived on Mardi Gras, thus masks were required!!!
Harbor tour!!! Perfect way to see the city and area. Also, I fully embraced the opportunity to rock the nautical look. It's VACA!!!
Fort Sumter...where the firsts shots of the Civil War were fired.
Riding bikes on Sullivan's Island and the beach...extremely windy but definite highlight!
One of the many fine dining stops during our stay! Poogan's Porch: January & February, M-T, roll it back to 1970 prices...HOLLA!
The beginnings or our carriage ride through one of the most historic cities I've ever been too!
The carriage...imagine the sound of horseshoes against old cobblestone roads as you pass homes built in the 1700s that are still kept up and lived in. Gorgeous.
The Church Street Inn...perfect location in the quaint of downtown Charleston.
Middleton Place Plantation. Maybe the most gorgeous expanse I've ever seen.
Plantation perusing...
The food was to die for...didn't dine at a bad place. Here's a list of our destinations: Amen Street, Mad River Bar & Grill (was more of a bar than a restaurant...not my favorite, go elsewhere to eat), Market Street Deli, SNOB, Magnolia dessert, Poe's Tavern (Sullivan's Island, great fish tacos), Poogan's Porch ($9.99 steak and the best rolls ever...roll it back!), Toast (brunch), Bakehouse dessert, Magnolia (best shrimp and grits), Middleton Place (the plantation) Restaurant (great deal for a 3 course meal), High Cotton, Magnolia dessert (clearly our favorite...peanut butter, chocolate chip bread pudding. Enough said!)...I'd recommend any of these places, but just know these places and Branson don't charge the same amount for food, but it's vacation!!!

You were so much fun and Charleston was the perfect location. I’d recommend it for any girls’ or couple trip! Readers, if you ever decide to go, let me know. I’ll give you tips and tricks I learned while there. I love to travel and would have fun no matter where I visited, but you were perfect.

Until next time,

Embracer of Charleston’s memories


Letter #471: The Beginning of Charleston…

Dear Charleston,

Oh how I adore you. When you became our destination, we had no idea what to expect. When I was 13, my parents got suckered into buying a timeshare. After staying in it multiple times in Branson (before Shady B became my home!), San Diego for family vaca last year and now you at the Church Street Inn, I don’t think I would use the word suckered anymore. Really fun purchase if you ask me! Anyways, they offered to allow me to use it this year if some of my girlfriends and I wanted to take a trip. How could I ever turn that down?! By the time we got around to booking, everything was already booked and we had to get on a wait list. What ensued was more of a lottery drawing for our destination!!!

We gave them three possible weeks we could go and chose three destinations we’d like to visit. Park City, Utah to ski/be ski bunnies in the lodge. San Francisco, CA to see one of, what I’ve been told, the coolest cities in the world. Charleston, SC to…well, I have to be honest, I’m not sure what we thought we would see.

Of course the place we were least excited/knowledgeable about was our winner. Honestly, we could probably care less where we were. We’d find a way to make it fun regardless of the location. Did you ever blow my expectations out of the water!!!!

Beautiful. Perfect weather. Easy to navigate. Historical, yet beach town. Incredible food. Ability to simply “get lost in the city.’ Live music. Inviting to a variety of ages: young adults all the way to elderly. You hands down exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to share more information about you and pictures of you.

Loved my time visiting you,

Charleston Lover

Letter #466: Vacation can be stressful…

Dear vacation,

Next week. I’m going on you next week!!!! Two of my best friends and I are headed to Charleston, SC. We have heard nothing but raving reviews about the food, King Street and endless neat sites to see. ¬†Oh, I’m just so excited!

While you are filled with anticipation, did you know you create quite a bit of havoc and stress as well?! As a kid I never understood how this was possible. Hello, we’re going to explore and have fun…what’s so stressful about that?! Mom, Dad, I get it now. Leaving for you entails so much more than just preparing for you. The preparation for you takes time too…packing (I loathe this step), itinerary, phone calls to book things, all appropriate paperwork and times for flights, etc.

I never realized how much other forethought occurs. Home life: time out groceries perfectly so things don’t expire and go to waste. Leave the APT orderly and clean for roommate and so it’s ready to come home to upon return. Do all laundry so every option is available to pack and so you have clean clothes when you get home. I’m not a home or pet owner so my list is short!

Work life: get everything done for the current work week I’m in. Work ahead so things for the week I’m on you are completed. Set myself up for success on my return so I’m not drowning. This is the component that never once crossed my mind as a kid…except when I had my lawn mowing business. Sometimes I had to mow seven yards in one day, leave for a few days and mow seven again upon my return!!!! Yes, I had my own lawn-mowing business! This is a phenomenal way to develop work ethic and make good money!

Then you add in the fact that I’m actually paying for you rather than Mama and Papa Roth. Worth it…absolutely. However, it was way less complicated when my only responsibility was to throw some clothes in a bag (mom double checked it!), have a good attitude about all the things already planned for us to do, try to fight with my sisters as little as possible, get in the backseat of the minivan and sing at the top of my lungs!

All this being said, I’m sure excited about you…actually ecstatic, but you do add a whole new component to the week before and after you. May my forethought and focus be on point so I can enjoy you thoroughly while flawlessly missing work for a week.

Any Charleston suggestions are welcome and appreciated,

Vacationer at heart