Letter #66: Sex and the City Lessons

Dear friends (and yes, I love this TV show, but today I mean my real ones),

I have always valued you, but I think I’ve found a deeper appreciation for you this year. Sure, traveling the country and seeing you along the way has increased my love for you. I’ve gotten to catch up with you from all walks of life: Kanakuk, old roommates, sorority sisters, family. Catching up with you has been one of my many highlights of the past three months.

But, Friday night I had an even bigger revelation. I got home from work, put on sweats and posted up in my living room with no intention of leaving until the next day. I ate chili I had frozen from weeks before (freezing leftovers is brilliant…you’re not sick of it, and you can eat home cooked food without any of the work!), worked on Christmas gifts and somehow my roommate and I stumbled upon TV’s debut of Sex and the City. I’ve never had any desire to see this show or movie, but there was nothing on TV. We started it, got hooked and finished it before all was said and done. I feel like I walked into an entirely new culture after this experience, and from what I’ve heard I think I was thankful it was edited. Most profound takeaway: I want Jennifer Hudson to be my personal assistant.

Anyways, my revelation had nothing to do with Sex and the City. As I was sitting on my couch (still thankful my neighbors gave me it…most comfortable couch ever!), I realized I could legitimately go to work everyday, come home and never interact with anyone every single day. I chose to do this on Friday and enjoyed it, but I’d be miserable if it was a normal occurrence. I’m no longer surrounded by “built in friendships.’ Growing up, college and the Kanakuk Institute, you’re basically forced to spend time with people. It’s nearly impossible not to have at least some of you. The real world doesn’t work like this.

I have to be intentional, make plans, consistently make phone calls and choose to spend time with people, or I’ll sit on my couch every night whether I choose to or not. This isn’t easy. Keeping up with you takes a great deal of effort, but would you be worth it if you didn’t? Two things in life are eternal: the Word of God and people. I have to work at both. I’m not great at pursuing either, but I’m learning.

Abby and Jordan, K-West friends, came to Branson last week!

I’ve traveled to see many of you the past three months, but I want you to know I LOVE company in Branson, America! You always have a place to stay. Coming to see you is a blast for me, but I may love it even more when you come to me. Plus, I have the Dixie Stampede and Ride the Ducks to offer.

Hope to see you in Shady B,

Thankful for your friendship