Letter #169: San Diego Day 6

Dear Day 6,

You are our last day in San Diego. As much as we’ve loved this vacation, it’s time for it to come to an end. I need a couple days to rest!

Sea World was our adventure for the day, and my expectations were far exceeded by this place! For whatever reason, ocean life is magical. This park was the smallest of the three and for this I was thankful! We were able to do much less walking but still see and do a ton.

My favorite part was by far the shows. Shamu, the killer whale show, was good, but I was astonished by how much less involved it was after the trainer was killed in Florida a year ago. The trainers used to ride in the whale’s mouth and on his fin, but the trainers never even got in the water or touched the whales anywhere near their mouths. I guess death really causes change. The show was still great. A few of us chose to chance sitting in the splash zone…knew I bought that rain jacket for a reason! However, we defeated Shamu as he never got us wet! Great show, but all I could hear the whole time was the Free Willy song!

We also watched a sea lion show as well as Blue Horizons. This was my favorite! Lots of dolphins, birds, two pilot whales and probably 20+ acrobats and animal trainers. I think I need to move to San Diego, meet one of these trainer guys and go on lots of romantic dolphin dates!

There were lots of other great exhibits to view including sharks, all sorts of fish, penguins, sea turtles (those guys are HUGE!) and starfish…based on this picture, they did NOT feel like I expected.

They also had a few rides, a kids’ play area and possibly the most gorgeous flowers I’ve ever seen!

Overall, this was an unforgettable last day of vacation. Although I’m still debating whether I think the animals like being taken care of in captivity or if I feel sorry for them being in confined places, I would highly recommend visiting Sea World San Diego…it and Legoland were my favorites! Mama and Papa Roth and I ended the trip with great seafood at Brigantine, packed up, watched a little American Idol and hit the sack for our 5 a.m. wakeup to beat traffic and catch our flight. Like I said, I need a couple days post vaca to rest!

Thankful for a fun, memorable and blessed family vaca,

San Diego theme park connoisseur

Special thanks to my brother-in-law, Chad, for contributing some of the pictures in San Diego posts.