Letter #168: San Diego Day 5

Dear Day 5,

We’re all home now, but there are a couple days left to highlight in our trip. By this day we were all exhausted, but we geared up for another theme park. This time the San Diego Zoo. One of the best in the nation, and I would agree.

Let’s take a quick commercial break for San Diego. The weather here is unreal. Legitimately, it might be as close to perfection on this earth as possible. It’s considered hot at 80 and cold probably around 50 or so. Mornings and evenings I needed a jacket, and during the day I could be in shorts and a tank top. Swim suit would have been pushing it for me at least during this time of the year. Honestly, Southern California, you may be the best climate I’ve ever visited.

Back to our regular scheduled programming…the Zoo. The climate of the area makes the Zoo the experience that it is. It was never sweltering hot as we were walking around the exhibits, and boy, did we walk. The terrain of the Zoo is no joke. We were up and down hills like crazy and easily walked 5-7 miles before it was all said and done. If you ever visit, I would recommend going on the bus tour first, then walking to see the exhibits you want to see more of from there. Easiest and most informative way to see the Zoo!

The gorillas, elephants, hippos and lions were my favorite by far, but all the exhibits were highly impressive. The landscaping was just as beautiful and eye-catching as the animals. Here are several pictures capturing the experience.

Of course his favorite exhibit is my least favorite!

This looks like me when a shower head is too low!
The rhinos looked fake. They're not; I just kept waiting for Ace Ventura to emerge!

We went to dinner at BJ’s afterward and got to watch OSU win the opening round of the NIT. It may be the NIT, but I’ll always be a loyal fan! My family surprised me with my first birthday celebration…pazookie!!!! Of course Paxton needed in on the action which meant spit everywhere!

Another fun day in the San Diego area, but it’s evident our vacation is quickly coming to an end. Everyone is getting super tired. Last day tomorrow where we’ll get to hang with Shamu!

Loving the adventures of family vaca,

Exhausted traveler