Letter #678: New Year, Same Life.

Top of the Rock

Dear new year,

New number, same life.

I wouldn’t say I’m a cynic, but I am definitely a realist. You’re the holiday of high expectations yet readily under-deliver. We make our resolutions and quickly revert back to our old ways only to do it all over again the next year. Amount of Blue Bell purchased decreases. Gym attendance rises. Read more. Be a jerk less.

It’s crazy to me how many eggs our culture puts into your basket.

True confession: you’re my least favorite holiday.

Maybe it’s because you’re more fun if you’re dating someone or married. Maybe it’s because I really am more cynical than I like to admit. Maybe I’m just doing you all wrong, but I’d choose any holiday of the year before you.

However, in the midst of being the holiday of unmet expectation, you also do have a certain allure to you I just can’t deny.

It’s as if rolling one number at the end of the year gives us a sense of power and belief. You allow us to really believe we can accomplish, overcome and start new.

It’s all a mental game. A choice. The same decisions and life changes can be made in August, but there’s just something about you that makes it different.

You bring us the holiday of anticipation, excitement and renewed hope. While you aren’t my favorite holiday, I do love how you bring renewed energy and hope to people.

I haven’t made a bunch of goals or resolutions for this year. Instead, I’ve chosen two words I will fight to keep central to my year. Purpose and discipline. So much is entailed in these two words. So many things I believe will make me more than any resolution ever could.

New number and year, same life. My life. The one I only get once. The one I pray I will choose to live with more purpose and more discipline than ever that will then overflow into every area of my life from physical health to sleeping habits to simply how my time is spent.

More content, kind, loving, patient, forgiving, joyful, passionate, faithful, eternally focused.

Less self-centered, discontent, envious, materialistic, controlling, temporary-minded.

New year, same life.

Here we go 2015,

Realist with a side of cynic