Letter #676: Don’t Miss Your Nows.

Dear purpose,

Most say they want to live a life centered on you, but few ever actually put feet to it. Intentions start right, then busyness, laziness and life happen. Most start the race; very few finish. The beginning is exciting and easy, but I want to be someone who fights through the hard of the middle. One who chooses daily so the sum of my life might be purposeful.

As I navigate how to dream, pray and believe big while remaining faithful in the little, I keep coming back to the overarching banner to simply live purposefully.

If I can achieve this, everything else falls into place. The little. The big. The significant. The insignificant. The easy. And the hard. If I can’t live purposefully with what’s right in front of me, I’ll never be able to with the things that come in the future.

But there’s great tension that comes with this. You can’t just show up daily and never think and dream about what’s coming next. I guess you could, and maybe we’d all be more healthy and engaged if we did, but I would argue that rather than it being either or, it has to be both and.

Show up daily and be fully present but also position self in a way to prepare for future as well.

I refuse to miss my nows because I’m so caught up and consumed by my nexts. However, I’m also not going to foolishly miss my nexts because I don’t forward think and dream. And there’s the tension.

So here’s the way I’ve been able to articulate this tension of living in the present without missing the future. “Live with purpose today so you can live with vision tomorrow.”

When I live my nows purposefully, it allows me to have clarity in my nexts. If I live with you in the daily, it leads me to living my life with vision.

May we not miss what’s right in front of us because we’re consumed with the future, but may we not miss our futures because we never pray and ask God to guide and direct us.

As busyness and the tyranny of the urgent continue to take over lives, I’m fighting against it. It seems as if life just happens while people settle living purposelessly because they don’t know how to regain control of the crazy.

Life isn’t going to just happen to me. No I can’t control things, but I can choose to live with great purpose. I can choose to make the most of the moments right in front of me. I can choose to dream, pray and believe for great vision concerning my future.

I’m not settling to let life just happen to me. Instead, I’m going to “live with purpose today so I can live with vision tomorrow.” My race has started and I fail often, but I’m choosing to press into the hard of the middle. I long for the sum of my life to be purposeful, thus I must choose every single day. In the little and the big. It’s not easy, but I’m learning it’s worth it.

Press on and choose daily,


Letter #335: Labor with Purpose

Dear labor day,

I often wondered exactly what your purpose was, but never cared enough to look you up! You were always just another day off school which was ALWAYS a great thing. At 24 years old, not much has changed. You just grant us a paid day of vacation! For once, I took a second to see what the point of you really is. According to Wikipedia, you are the holiday that celebrates the social and economic achievements of workers. Specifically you celebrate the eight-hour day movement, which means eight hours of work, eight hours of recreation and eight hours of rest in a 24 hour day.

Man have things changed. First of all, is there anything left to celebrate economically in America right now?! Just kidding, I know I’m thankful to have a paycheck. Seriously though, we are celebrating labor yet our unemployment rate is 10%. Interesting. Not to mention, who really only works eight hours a day?? I work for a ministry, and I work through lunch half the time. I can only imagine what employees of big business’ succumb to doing. If only the eight-hour day movement was for real. Our society would be a heck of a lot healthier and happier.

Apparently you also mark the official end of summer. Well, with the cold fronts bringing 70 degree weather saving our sanity after the hottest summer ever, I’d say you mark the end of summer heat. However, in ever other respect you don’t mark the end of summer because school started three weeks or a month ago. Our summers continue to get shorter and shorter, yet I’m not convinced our kids are any smarter.

So today we celebrate work ethic, labor, jobs, paychecks. Today, we sleep in, lounge around in anything but our work clothes, actually take advantage of our “eight hours of recreation’ and put off our 8 to 5 one more day.

Yesterday at church the pastor’s sermon spoke to being all there in the midst of our jobs. You see as Americans we are always looking for more. We want a bigger paycheck, a better title, a bigger house. We often operate in the mindset of the “grass being greener on the other side.’ We bide our time in our job just to get to the next one. Thus, we often fail at doing our best presently.

Yesterday I was reminded of the importance of giving my all now. Use my “eight hours a day’ to give my employer the best I have. Do things with excellence. At the end of the day, my work is bigger than my employer and my paycheck anyway. I work for the Lord.

“Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.’ Col. 3:23-24

Whether I’m waiting tables, working for camp or doing public relations, I have been…

Called with purpose (and so have you!)

Letter #174: My Time Travel Destination

Dear “A League of Their Own,’

Over the years, I believe you’ve become one of my favorite movies! Top five right alongside Tyler Perry’s “Diary of a Mad Black Woman‘ (seriously, see it…hilarious, meaningful and downright good). A common interview or get to know you question is, “If I could live in one time period besides your own, what would it be?’ Well, thanks for asking. Let me tell you.

After much thought, I’ve decided the time frame from you. Sure, plenty of time frames would’ve been neat to be part of, but if I could only pick one, I’d choose the days of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL). So the fact it happened mid World War II would’ve been hard, however, the war is what opened the opportunity for women to be valued.

I played more sports growing up than I wore dresses (thankfully this simmered down with age!), but never had a desire to play collegiately or professionally. If I had lived in the 40s, I would’ve wanted to play professionally. I would’ve been next to Dottie and Kit at try-outs unhappy about wearing a skirt! This is a strange time frame to choose since we were mid the biggest war in history and husbands, fathers and brothers were sacrificing their lives, but I love the doors WWII opened for women. Plus, any athlete knows there’s nothing like playing the game you love in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

I love you for many reasons. You have a great storyline. You’re funny. You tug on heart strings. You’re 100% relatable. You’re a story of redemption both in a sibling relationship as well as in the life of Jimmy Dugan, manager played by Tom Hanks, a washed-up ex baseball player turned alcoholic. You’re a movie I can see over and over and never get tired of. This is why you rank top five.

I caught the tail end of you again this weekend, and I’ve tweeted about this before. Every time I watch you, I can’t help but ponder this scene (so sad…no footage of this scene available, but I’m guessing nearly every American’s seen this movie). At the end of the movie, the sister rivalry peaks. Down by one, Kit comes up to bat for Racine with Dottie telling the pitcher to throw high fastballs…”She can’t hit “em, can’t lay off “em.” With two strikes, the last pitch comes, swing and a bomb is launched. Kit ignores her coach and goes for an inside the park homerun. The cutoff hits Dottie, the catcher, as she blocks the plate. A major collison ensues (I’ve been the catcher before with this happening, and it’s awesome and painful at the same time!). If Dottie can hold onto the ball, out. If not, safe. The most intense scene of you that never gets old results in Dottie dropping the ball, and the Racine Belles win the championship.

For almost 20 years (wow, I just dated myself!), I’ve pondered whether this was a mistake by Dottie or if she purposely drops it so her sister can prevail over her for once. The competitor in me says there’s no way she could’ve done this purposely. We’re conditioned to strive for excellence always. However, the loving side of me understands the desire to see a sister or friend succeed, so in this respect, I can see it being possible.

All this being said, I’d love some feedback. I’ve pondered this alone for far too long. What does anyone else think? Regardless, you’re still in my top five movies. Maybe I’m supposed to be left to wonder for the rest of my life?!

Movies just aren’t made like they used to be,

Appreciator of you, a 1992 film

Letter #123: What Do YOU Want?!

Dear day 123,

I’m a logical girl. I like a plan. I like goals. Tangible ones. If something doesn’t have purpose, it’s most likely not worth doing. This is how my mind operates concerning life. This is typically a strength of mine, but it also means rest isn’t at the top of my priorities. It can become a weakness just like any of our strengths. Never fear though, I take my fair share of naps to keep myself in check!

When I started this whole blogging journey, I didn’t just begin aimlessly. I thought about it for months first. If I was going to do it, I didn’t want it to be half hearted. If I was going to commit, it must have purpose. Now I didn’t know where it was going to go once I started, but I began 123 days ago with these objectives.

  • to record my first year of real world for me
  • to track my travels (I’ll be traveling for at least 7 weeks to cities and campuses)
  • to deal with obstacles individually, then publicly allow others to benefit
  • to allow friends, family, Kamp family and strangers be part of my rookie season
  • to build relationships through being personal and REAL
  • most importantly, to make people laugh!!!

You have brought re-evaluation to the forefront of my mind. I’ve been able to fulfill objective #2 with flying colors, but now that my traveling days are over, I won’t be tracking my travels as frequently.

So, as I’m re-evaluating #2, I want to commence re-evaluating this whole production. I believe objectives #1 and #3-6 (well hopefully #6!) are still attainable. However, without traveling, I’m going to have get to become more creative with content. I have several ideas already, but I haven’t come up with any new goals or objectives.

I don’t necessarily need anymore, but I want this endeavor to have purpose and stay on track. If nothing else, I want to be able to look back and see what I was learning at 23. So today, day 123, you allow me to re-evaluate and reflect. You also allow me to ask my readers (if anyone really reads this thing!) what they would like. No promises, but give me some feedback. It might help me iron out the details of where this endeavor goes from here. Plus, your feedback could create some hilarious content!

Re-evaluating Letters for Lindsay,

Needing to re-evaluate portions of Lindsay