Letter #678: New Year, Same Life.

Top of the Rock

Dear new year,

New number, same life.

I wouldn’t say I’m a cynic, but I am definitely a realist. You’re the holiday of high expectations yet readily under-deliver. We make our resolutions and quickly revert back to our old ways only to do it all over again the next year. Amount of Blue Bell purchased decreases. Gym attendance rises. Read more. Be a jerk less.

It’s crazy to me how many eggs our culture puts into your basket.

True confession: you’re my least favorite holiday.

Maybe it’s because you’re more fun if you’re dating someone or married. Maybe it’s because I really am more cynical than I like to admit. Maybe I’m just doing you all wrong, but I’d choose any holiday of the year before you.

However, in the midst of being the holiday of unmet expectation, you also do have a certain allure to you I just can’t deny.

It’s as if rolling one number at the end of the year gives us a sense of power and belief. You allow us to really believe we can accomplish, overcome and start new.

It’s all a mental game. A choice. The same decisions and life changes can be made in August, but there’s just something about you that makes it different.

You bring us the holiday of anticipation, excitement and renewed hope. While you aren’t my favorite holiday, I do love how you bring renewed energy and hope to people.

I haven’t made a bunch of goals or resolutions for this year. Instead, I’ve chosen two words I will fight to keep central to my year. Purpose and discipline. So much is entailed in these two words. So many things I believe will make me more than any resolution ever could.

New number and year, same life. My life. The one I only get once. The one I pray I will choose to live with more purpose and more discipline than ever that will then overflow into every area of my life from physical health to sleeping habits to simply how my time is spent.

More content, kind, loving, patient, forgiving, joyful, passionate, faithful, eternally focused.

Less self-centered, discontent, envious, materialistic, controlling, temporary-minded.

New year, same life.

Here we go 2015,

Realist with a side of cynic

Letter #435: 2011 Twitter Review

Dear 2011,

I cannot believe you are quickly coming to an end. Tonight we will celebrate the new beginnings of another year. How in the world is it already 2012?!

I’ve realized two things during you: 1) I’m a processor, thus writing and reflecting are really good for me. 2) I’m a pretty big fan of Twitter. Legitimately, 60% of my news, sports and insightful information comes from it. Not bad for 140 characters! These two things being said, I thought I’d highlight you in Twitter form. Each event gets no more than 140 characters…with my blog posts on each linked at the end. Here goes nothin’ in no particular order…

  • San Diego with the fam. Sea World, Legoland, the Zoo, ocean tour, great food, even better fellowship. (Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • #okstate football’s sensational season. Landing FREE tickets to the three most exciting games: A&M, K-State, OU.
  • Jamie’s, my sis, cancer diagnosis, watching her kick it in the face and seeing God’s sovereignty in it all. (Booyah Cancer)
  • Completing 1 year of employment of my 1st real world job. Baffled I’m this grown, yet excited I still love what I do. (One Year)
  • Learning and successfully executing a budget. Saving. Giving. 401King. Money can be stressful, but with forethought it can be fun. (Budgeting Nerd = Popular Results)
  • Staring 25 down as it quickly approaches. Not sure this is a highlight, but the friendships in my life despite age and distance are a blast. (Friends post)
  • Successfully completing my endeavor of daily blogging on Oct. 1st as well as deciding to continue Letters for Lindsay without as much pressure to be daily. (ABC or CBS?!)

So much to reflect on. Weird 365 days can be narrowed into 12 tweets. Thankful for all you entailed. Looking forward to what’s in store for 2012.

Praying expectantly for what lies ahead,

Thankful for 2011, Excited for 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

Letter #92: The Best of 2010

Dear 2010,

In honor of the last day of you, I think I’m supposed to make a bunch of resolutions for next year. Forget that…I’m already committed to Insanity and blogging; I don’t know how much more I can add to my plate. Instead, I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite memories, lessons learned and immense changes that happened during you. You were a fun year filled with more life changes than anticipated…moving to Branson (for the second time),  becoming a grown up (I am about to have a 401K?!) and apparently I’ve become a writer (or at least tried to).

Instead of reflecting on all the awesome things that happened or making a ton of eventual failing resolutions for 2011, here are 10, in no particular order, of the best decisions I made during you.

  • Switching to Arm and Hammer Complete Care Extra Whitening with Baking Soda and Peroxide toothpaste.
  • Going on a cruise with 44 of my 70 classmates from the Kanakuk Institute and, of course, “closing down the club’ nightly.
  • Lengthening small groups at K-West from just Free Time to being through Total Release (group decision)!
  • Changing from 2% to skim milk…it’s SO much better!
  • Making the trek to Hennessey, OK in the middle of camp for the “engagement party’ of a lifetime to celebrate @marriageproject’s surprise wedding…SO worth the 12 hours of driving and four hours of sleep!
  • Turning down jobs and going into my 5th summer at K-West with the next step being extremely unknown. Learned lessons of trusting the Lord I never would have otherwise and ended up in Branson for round two doing a job I love!
  • Converting to a Mac user. It truly is the bright side.
  • Forking over my life savings to journey to the Promised Land…Israel! (the above picture: Temple Mount in Jerusalem…where Old Testament sacrifices occurred and where Jesus will sit when He returns!)
  • Selling out to writing my belief statements at the Kanakuk Institute and thoroughly defining my beliefs from a biblical perspective (I have SO much more to learn).
  • Deciding to begin this blogging journey…I’m not sure I had expectations when I started, but if I did, they have been blown out of the water! More than anything, it’s been good for me. To reflect, to instill consistency, to simply process life rather than just going through the motions. Not to mention, I’m floored that people are actually interested in this thing. It has connected me with people I had lost touch with, enhanced the depth of family and friends truly knowing me and has prompted hilarious and really neat conversation. This is hands down the best decision I made this year.

Here’s to 2011 and the excitement, struggles, friendships, fun and blessings it will bring,

The Decision Maker (if only all my decisions were this good!)