Letter #177: April Saturdays

Dear readers,

If you’re like me, you’re pretty content living in your easy, safe, American lifestyle. My mind tunnel visions easily about the things happening right before my eyes in Shady B, and every once in a while, I might think big picture America when I see Obama on TV, hear about our national debt or even when I think about where I want to travel within the US. I’d guess most Americans are fairly consumed by individual, everyday life. For me, global picture is very uncommon.

It’s difficult for me to grasp what’s actually happening in Libya. I can’t truly understand the tragedy happening in Japan. Then, there’s places news stations don’t cover, and I rarely, if ever, think about them. I may have a basic understanding of things sometimes, and other times, to be honest, I’m perfectly content in my safe, American bubble that thinking about the global picture would disrupt my state of comfort. Golly, I’m selfish, and I’ve only referenced political and major news stories.

If I’m really honest, I don’t think about the religious state of our world much either. It’s so easy to forget there are billions of other people out there, and sadly many of them don’t know Jesus. Truthfully, many people right here in America don’t either.

With all this being said, for the next four Saturdays, you’re in for a treat. A dear friend of mine, Alissa (click her name for her blog), will be guest posting about her adventures in Nepal where she was a modern day missionary for six months. Just like Paul, she went on three main missionary journeys! She will bring a global perspective I’ve never had. If you remember, I went to a lake house with a bunch of my Institute friends about a month ago. She was there, and after hearing her stories of Nepal I posted this. Her time in Nepal blew my mind, and I asked her to be a guest blogger. She graciously accepted and chose to approach it through four letters, one to her home base, Katmandu, and one to each of her journeys.

Not only were her stories challenging and eye-opening to me, but they were also like listening to an adventure series. She climbed parts of multiple mountains including Everest, lived in a foreign country for six months, had at least seven near death experiences and so much more! I’m looking forward to my April Saturdays, and you should be to…you get to hear from someone besides me 🙂

May our hearts and minds be tilted toward the nations,

Grateful for friends who challenge me and live out the Gospel