Letter #616: The Grind House


Dear spontaneity,

The last 16 hours have been the epitome of you. Thunder vs. Grizzlies, Game 4 in Memphis”…and I was in attendance. Last week I was sitting in a meeting. I got a couple repeated calls from friend, so I shot her a text to make sure she wasn’t dying. She informed me she could get playoff tickets for a pretty reasonable price and wanted to know if I was in.

Mind you, 10 days before that I had very flippantly joked that if she could get cheap tickets, I’d hop on Seaport Air (my trusty 8 passenger plane out of Harrison, AR) and come. It would never happen, right?! Now it was time to put my money where my mouth was.


Sometimes it just feels like our personal plane…

Within an hour I got ahold of my roommate and we were in! You see, she just got engaged (congrats!) and we’ve been talking about going to a Thunder game for years. This was potentially our last chance as I move to camp and she moves to North Carolina. We’re both planners. We don’t just decide on a whim to hop a flight for a 16 hour trip. This time, we did!!

6:15 flight. 7:15 land. 8:30 tip-off. Thankfully delays were minimal and Seaport pulled through for me yet again! After getting berated through the streets of downtown Memphis for our Thunder gear, we rolled into our seats at 8:15.

Definite highlight…live band while waiting in line to get in! Mom & Pops, I found my wedding band!!!

A Thunder playoff game has been on my bucket list since their inception. Just checking things off! The Grind House is full of energy. NBA games are just fun. Lively atmosphere for sure and my boys came out of the gates looking good. After giving up a 17 point lead, it turned into a close game. It was as if we didn’t even really want it. I distinctly remember four offensive rebounds given up in the last four minutes of regulation.

Not bad for the cheap seats!!

A miracle shot by KD sent it to OT which I was totally OK with to get more of my money’s worth. Turnovers, poor shot selection and too many second chances for the Grizz proved to be too much to overcome. Thunder down 3-1 in the series”…I guess if we get knocked out, I’ll care less about the playoffs as I move to and start camp!

Game time!
Walkin’ in Memphis…walkin’ with my feet ten feet off of Beale!

A win would’ve made the trip that much sweeter, but regardless it was an absolute blast. You only live once. I believe in making memories. I need to live in you more often. It’s good to have plans in life, but every once in a while we just need to go and have fun.

Even when it means driving back to Branson at 5:30am and moving to camp the same afternoon.

Here’s to making memories,

Thunder Fan

Letter #117: Walkin’ in Memphis…

Dear traveling,

Yesterday marked my last official first day of trail and you, potentially forever. Let’s rephrase: last day of trail. You will be a part of my life regardless of my occupation! Time and time again, I’ve been asked if I’m glad to be done. What I can’t figure out is why people don’t ask if I’m sad to be done? Oh wait, normal people don’t enjoy you when you happen repeatedly for 10 weeks out of basically a three month portion of the year?!

The truth of the matter is I really do love you. You will be missed, but I’m also ready to have some consistency back in my life. I’m actually excited to buy groceries and cook, to know where I will wake up each morning. I’m also going to miss the daily adventure, the opportunity to meet new people every single day and seeing new places. This transition will be a test, one of how much a really like Branson when I’m there for long periods of time without living on an island with 69 friends.

I have another crossroads I must decide on. A big portion of my blogging endeavors have been centered around you. With this aspect of life coming to a halt, I must make some big blogging decisions. What direction will I take now? I committed to blogging everyday with no deadline…will I continue blogging daily? Maybe my personal side of you will have to increase immensely so I can continue your slant on the blog…if only my budget in this area was endless?! So, not only is a big part of my job coming to an end, I’m also being forced getting to reevaluate the purpose of the last 117 days of my life.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my last official week with you. I look forward to the adventures that Mississippi has to offer and the fun people who call this state home. It’s already been a great beginning to my last week of you. BBQ on Beale Street in Memphis…everything I envisioned it to be and more! The street is constantly closed. People stand outside of their restaurants beckoning you to come eat their food. Bars everywhere. Musicians posted up all over. It really was quite the experience. Thanks for kicking the week of with a bang!

Walkin’ in Memphis,

Lover of the Beale St. experience