Letter #167: San Diego Day 4

Dear Day 4,

It’s currently a toss up what my favorite day of the trip is, but you are definitely in the running. I’ve mentioned before that I was WAY into LEGOS as a kid, and I may have been more excited about visiting Legoland than both my nephews combined!

Running to the gate to begin our adventure through Legoland!

They had play areas for the kids while waiting in line...Genius!
I promise we took kids! The adult crew at Legoland waiting for The Lost Kingdom...the boys wouldn't be in it!

Miniland was hands down my absolute favorite part of the park. Literally, millions upon millions of Legos built various cities from the U.S. The details were remarkable. I easily spent more than an hour admiring the details here.

Hollywood...i.e. Legowood
Washington D.C.
Southern California

I was really hoping for a Branson scene…I guess I’ll have to submit a request! Legoland was definitely geared for kids, but it was quite the experience for adults as well. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s ever even been slightly interested in LEGOS. I visited a factory demonstrating how LEGOS are made and learned some interesting facts. About 10 billion LEGO bricks are produced a year. That’s 2.5 million an hour! Also, an estimated 400 million children and adults all over the world have played with LEGOS with an estimated 5 billion hours played a year! No wonder this place was SO cool!

Overall, you were a great day. As we were ending our day, I went out to the front gates and my friend, Gwen from the Institute, came to say hi! Fun to have friends all over the world!

We made a quick stop by the Escondido mall to make a run in H&M (cheaper, trendy and super cute clothes store NOT in the Midwest!)…LOVE that place! Picked up a few pieces but my frugality got the best of me again!

Thankful for another fun day in San Diego,

23 and still a lover of LEGOS

Letter #150: Oscar Legos

Dear Oscars,

Today is your day. The day the best movie of the year is selected and people care more about who’s walking the red carpet with whom and what great and terrible fashion statements celebrities are making. Now that I’m on my own budget, Redbox is about the only movie viewing I can afford. Therefore, I haven’t seen many of this year’s nominees. Nevertheless, I’ll likely tune in to at least a bit of you and eventually see the highly acclaimed and my guess to win, “The King’s Speech.’

Sure, you’re a huge production who’s main purpose is to glorify the acting industry, but let’s shift gears for a moment. When I was a kid, I built Legos like it was my job. Growing up my “Santa” Christmas gift, this meant my big gift of the year, was often Legos. Two of my favorite were the nearly 2,000 piece semi set and the motorized train. My love for building led me to legitimately consider construction management as my major…thankfully in the end I chose public relations.

So how do you and my love for Legos coincide?! Every year there’s a different way in which your nominees are portrayed. Video clips are the most common, but I came across a neat and unique way to view you this year. Every nominated movie is represented by Legos in this clip I found on cnn.com. It’s pretty creative and worth a couple minutes of time in my opinion. Plus, it’s a new way to get the public hyped for you tonight!

Click this picture for the video...you'll have to watch a brief commerical, but it's worth it.

I always love when people combine childhood with modern day, and my child self definitely didn’t care about you but now I do. I’m also thankful I grew out that bowl cut!

May you be enjoyable, funny with new hosts and inspire us all with the fashion, or lack of, witnessed tonight,

Lego connoisseur for life