Letter #166: San Diego Day 3

Dear Day 3,

Well, thankfully we were able to mostly get disaster out from under our belts, and you went pretty smoothly. We heard La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya, get that right or the locals will laugh at you!) had neat shopping and restaurants, so we headed to that area. Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into.

Seals were everywhere! Real, live, in the middle of their own environment seals. Who needs Sea World when we have La Jolla?! It was awesome to watch them do their thing without them being in a cage. This was definitely a highlight of the trip for me!

We then walked around the cute beach shops for a while…out of my price range! Lunch was a blackened fish sandwich from George’s on the Cove with this oceanside view. Needless to say, unbelievable!

Next up, Pacific Beach to play for a bit. My nephews LOVE the ocean, so this was way fun for them. The beach was pretty, but it was hilarious to enter a more “college spring break’ area. The farther I explored away from the pier, the crazier the environment…we kept the boys close to the pier! Of course they ended up buried in sand and in the water again, but Jamie had learned her lesson. Extra clothes and towels were packed, and they used the public beach showers…you can tell by his face it was pretty cold!

Outlet malls were next on the list. My frugality led me to purchase one $5 sweater, but there were definitely some neat stores and a really great ice cream parlor! My sisters and bro-in-laws got some great deals! The evening ended at Escondido’s Stone Brewing Company. My parents took the boys back to the hotel to swim, so dinner was calm. This was a neat atmosphere. Outdoor seating with heaters and fire. Walking trails and ponds. Everything was very natural, and I decided this would be an awesome place for a rehearsal dinner. The conversation was hilarious at my end of the table (which sister’s not like the others…?!) with quotes like, “I learned quickly they (my family) share everything, especially food, and I better learn to be ok with it.” “Chad doesn’t know about rashes (in reference to the infection on my sister’s leg) on legs, but if it were on your Woo Hoo then he’d be your guy (he’s an OBGYN).” Super fun to have big kid conversation with the siblings!

Another great day in good “ole San Diego. So many more adventures coming soon…next on the list: Legoland!

Which sister’s not like the other?!

The Misfit Sister 🙂