Letter #628: Wicked Good


Dear Wicked,

I’ve been hoping to see you for years. I’ve heard countless people recount your goodness and watched endless middle school girls perform makeovers on their counselors to “Popular.” I knew a bit of your storyline and your major songs, but for the most part I didn’t know what I was walking into. When I heard you were in OKC, I jumped at my chance to see you.

And you did NOT disappoint! You were unbelievable, or as I like to say, you were wicked good! Like I didn’t check my phone for three hours good. But you are more than a good show.

wicked 3
Wicked with Brooke in OKC!

When I was in college, I did the Greek thing. Not the stereotypical sorority girl, I know. My time in the Kappa Delta house was eventful, fun, hard, formative, stretching, encouraging and more. I wouldn’t trade those four years for the world.

My junior year some far more talented members than I revamped our recruitment songs. If you’re not familiar with sororities, potential members go through a weeklong selection process called recruitment, aka rush. Each day gets a little more serious as houses display their personalities and why one would want to pledge there. Probably not the best explanation, but you get the point.

Fall 2007 204
Initiation and pref day whites! My Kappa Delta family: Kayla (my big), Mika (my little), Hannah (my grand little)!

Pref day is the last day, right before bid day where house destination is finalized. All stops are removed as each house tries to show its’ heart and depth of sisterhood one last time. Honestly, it turns into one giant cry fest because hormones are raging, nobody’s seen a boy in weeks (literally) and people are just stressed out and exhausted.

College-Sophomore year 048
The craziness of Bid Day 2007, sophomore year.

At Kappa Delta, all members wore white and stood in a giant circle around the seated recruits. A few girls read letters about the role this sisterhood had played in her life. This all sounds super sappy, and it is, but in the moment some of your best friends are sharing deep stuff. It’s emotional and does a great job painting a picture of what recruits could be a part of. The spoken words were intertwined with songs. Not just any songs, the kind you can’t hear without shedding tears. Remember, sleep and testosterone had been VERY limited!

Fall 2007 037
Kappa Delta Bid Day, “Luck Be A Kaydee!” Some of my pledge sisters and I junior year…what a fun crew!! I was the New Member Educator/Pledge Trainer this year…loved that job lots!

As I was saying, my junior year some songs changed. We added your song “For Good“ to the mix. Hello tearjerker! It’s your song that ties your whole show together because your audience is so enthralled in the storyline of Glinda and Elphaba. But for me, it’s bigger than that. I can’t hear “For Good” without getting taken back to my college days and the women who changed me “for good.’

Dear college friends Caitlin, Bria, Vanessa and I at Bria’s wedding summer 2012.

But it’s even bigger than that. Every time I hear this song, I can’t help but think about how many people I have been blessed to do life with in every stage. In a world where friends, true friends, seem to be more and more scarce, I am simply overwhelmed with thankfulness.

“Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better? But because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”

I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without the impact of the people surrounding me. From my competitive sports’ teams to college sorority days to my crazy days at Kanakuk Kamps, I am beyond grateful for the people who have impacted and changed me “for good.’ I have a LONG way to go, but you’ve helped in the process of where I’ve come thus far.

You were a great show, but you were also a great reminder of the importance of community. And not just any community, but friends that make us better. That change us “for good.’

Who’s helping you change for the better and ultimately for good?

Wicked recommender and advocate of solid community in our lives

Letter #221: T-shirts Galore

Dear t-shirts,

How one individual can acquire as many of you as I have over the years, I’m not sure I’ll ever know! I do have one answer…being in a sorority. Good night, there’s a shirt for everything. Bid Days, Date Parties, Mom’s and Dad’ Days, Football Frenzy jerseys, Big/Little. Four years of that and the piles add up. Wonder what the expense of you was through college?!

Eh, I’m glad I bought you though. You provided a pretty hefty portion of my wardrobe for years! By the way, the appropriate lifespan of you when involving sorority land is one year post active membership. Sorority shirts get 5th year status! This is my unwritten rule of fashion, but really who wants to see a 28 year old running in her Chi-O formal long sleeve or watch 30 year old moms use the shoulder of their 2003 Pi Phi Bid Day shirt as a burp rag. There’s a time and a place for you…when the time’s up, let it go.

So what does one do when her age outgrows the events on you??? Keep wearing them? No way…don’t be that girl. Get rid of them? Absolutely not…too many memories. Store them in a box? Eh, takes too much space. So, what does one do? The answer…have a really awesome aunt like me who will chop you up and turn you into a quilt. A quite comfortable quilt might I add…it’s made out of all of you I’d worn in throughout college!

After my “5th year’ of wearing you, it was time to separate. So, I made three stacks. The first were the shirts most important to me. The non-negotiables if you will. The second was the pile I’d really like to see in it. The third stack was if there was room. The misfits. My only instruction was I’d like as many of you used as possible. She took my instruction seriously and made it two-sided! I tried to count, and I think she used about 50 of my shirts (if you notice, several of them she used both sides!). Craziest part…she gave me an entire stack back, but the result couldn’t have been more perfect.

Graduates. Friends. Sorority girls. I know you’ve been wondering what to do with all your philanthropy, function and homecoming shirts. Well, I think I’ve solved your problem with a useful alternative. Aunt MaryAnn, thanks SO much…I LOVE it!

Here’s to my Kappa Delta memories being in one place,

Thankful for the times at 220 S. Cleveland