Letter #662: Birthday Blog “Match.com”

**In the beginning of Letters for Lindsay, I blogged daily. Writing on my own birthday just seemed a little strange. This is the 4th year a family member has guest blogged. It was my oldest sister Jamie’s turn. Not the angle I expected, and WAY too kind, but this is hilarious. My family never ceases to amaze me! Enjoy!!!**

Dear tall, Christian, single guys,

I’d like to tell you about a pretty special person we’re celebrating today, my baby sister, Lindsay! Lindsay is one of the most incredible people you will ever meet, and here are some of the qualities that make her so special:

  • Patience: She handles 4 nephews (soon to be 5!) like a pro. This also applies to God’s plan for her life.  She trusts it and is willing to wait patiently for what He has planned for her.
  • Hardworking: She works ALL summer long in Branson for Kanakuk summer camps with MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS and NO air conditioning”…that qualifies her for sainthood in my book!
  • Generous: She volunteered her time after Christmas to work at an orphanage in Africa helping bring joy to some pretty amazing kids.
  • Caring and Supportive: She FLEW to Dallas when my son was in the Children’s ICU to keep me company and provide support.
Jamie and I with Emerson in Dallas after his open heart surgery last February. I watched miracles happen before my eyes in this boy!
  • Hilarious: You will often find Lindsay in costume singing out of tune for a laugh.  She even did this in the hospital to Emerson while he was sedated”…poor kid probably had nightmares! Nevertheless, the nurses all got a good laugh.
  • Confident: Lindsay is the most secure person I know.  Her confidence is something I aspire to achieve.
  • Faithful: Her love of God and her faith is admirable and unquestionable.
  • Loyal: She’s the best friend and sister you could ask for.  Did I say she’ll make you laugh? J
  • Tall: Height is a “big” deal”…pun intended J  (She didn’t get all the humor genes.)
  • Athletic: Growing up as a tomboy and 3rd girl, Lindsay is pretty proficient in most sports (except running- she’d be the turtle who won the race)”…she could probably take you on in a game of one-on-one and win!
  • Honest:  Need someone to bounce ideas off of? She’s your girl. She’s honest but won’t be hurtful. Yes, there’s a difference.

Although those are only a few of the wonderful attributes we all love about Lindsay, I must wrap up her “match.com” application for now.  If you think you would like to meet Lindsay, you must know that you will be “interviewed” by a father, mother, 2 sisters, 2 brother-in-laws, 5 nephews, and countless others to see if you meet all of our approval”…she IS the baby sister after all.

Did Jamie take it too far on the caption?!?! Probably, but this boy is to darn cute not to post this!!!! Remember those miracles I mentioned above?!

Happy Birthday, Lindsay! We love you!!!

Your oldest, non-writer, protective, and well-intentioned shorter sister,


Letter #486: 25 and Arrived!

Dear 25,

Oh, you were fun. Quarter of a century. If I hadn’t already, I have now officially arrived! Not sure what I’ve arrived to…grown up land I guess. You mean a few things…I can officially rent a car. Word on the street and one I’m excited about, my car insurance decreases….Holla! Besides that, you just sound like I’m supposed to be well on my way into my career. Hmmm, not sure if I’m quite ready for all that, but nevertheless, let’s do this. Halfway to 50, but I say I’m just entering my prime!!!

Birthdays tend to bring a few hilarious moments in life, but for some reason I believe you heightened the number of these. Let’s recap:

  • A gift from my sweet roommate left at our APT when I returned from OK and she was on vacation in FL. The last sentence of the card said, “Hope this book helps prepare you for marriage.” Thoroughly confused, I proceeded to open the gift only to find this. Click the link, trust me! Well played rooms!
  • Personalized birthday card from my precious 89-year-old Grandma Brueggen…with just a hint of name confusion!!! Shhh…don’t tell her, she’ll be devastated, but this is hilarious!
Happy Birthday Dana! 🙂
  • A few of my K-West friends who are currently at the Kanakuk Institute and interning in my office building showed up to perform BOTH K-West Birthday Songs…considering people on the floor above and below could hear them, I don’t think our building has seen that much life in ages!
  • My friend rewriting the words to Lecrae’s ‘God is Enough’ to ‘Lindsay’s the Stuff.’
  • Cupcakes on the hood of the car post our Kelly concert…Kelly was for sure a major highlight!!! Plus the fact my friends brought glow sticks, birthday hats and a beach ball for the concert! Hilarious!
Wouldn't have wanted it to be any other way!
  • My friend writing ‘Happy Birthday Lauren’ on my Facebook wall and blaming it on predictive text. I’ll cut him some slack! Hilarious!
  • Speaking of Facebook…people coming out of the woodwork to write ‘Happy Birthday’ on your wall never ceases to amaze me. Appreciate your thoughtfulness, but this makes me laugh!
Just plain thoughtful moments:
  • Door decor to the APT from the Houston’s…Hads informed me she did most of the work as she took me on a tour to see it!
Houston door decorations!
  • My 37 week prego sister surprised me with ice cream cake, my favorite, when I stopped for dinner and to see Harrison’s nursery on my way back to Branson! Seriously, I don’t know when the last time I had a real birthday cake was! Thanks guys!
Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake!!!
  • All the other things I’m forgetting…texts, tweets, calls, cards, Sonic drinks, Chili’s lunch and so much more.

Birthdays are interesting to me because it’s the one day where things are actually kind of all about you. Or at least people make it this way to some degree. I’m not sure if we should ever have a day all about us, but birthdays sure are fun. Thanks for all the love people. You really know how to make a girl feel special!

Laughing as I think about all these hilarious moments,

25 and thankful

P.S. Mama Roth, thanks for guest posting yesterday! You don’t give yourself enough credit for your writing skills!

Letter #485: Guest Post-Lindsay’s Birthday!

A year ago I convinced my sister to guest blog for my 24th birthday. This year I somehow convinced Mama Roth into it. After some ‘pointed encouragement,’ she committed.I’m thankful for these two because it just feels weird writing about my own birthday. Shedding too much light on my childhood and telling too many motherly lies, her writing style at 56 years of age isn’t too shabby! Mama Roth, thanks for writing, but probably more importantly, thanks for delivering me, all 10 pounds!

To all the AVID readers of ‘Letters For Lindsay,’ after reading this blog it will be evident that Lindsay did NOT inherit her writing skills from me (aka: Mama Roth):

Twenty-five years ago, Lindsay Michelle made her BIG (10 lbs. 4 ozs.) entrance into this world. We were thrilled to add another beautiful, blonde girl to our family.   Although, she was a boy named Eric Paul throughout the pregnancy (sonograms must not have been as accurate then). Luckily back in the day, nurseries were decorated in yellow with themes so it wasn’t a huge problem…other than all the blue items I had made in advance. The name Lindsay was derived from a competitor company of Culligan Water Conditioning (Papa Roth’s business), that’s what happens when you are under pressure.

Lindsay was born during Spring Break, which was very considerate of her. Therefore, no arrangements were necessary for Jamie (age 8 ) and Dana (age 5) for school transportation, and PaPa Roth did NOT have to attempt clothing and hair for two little girls. It was also the perfect bonding time for three sisters (I always told them “someday you will be best friends,” which has become true!). I think Lindsay also was smart coming on March 20, because she has always had fun birthdays during her school breaks.

Lindsay’s sisters adored her as an infant and loved to show her off to their friends. She was their own life-size, real baby doll! They taught her a lot of funny things to do or say (not all good :)). Lindsay was definitely a tomboy and began showing athletic interests as early as age two at her sister’s activities.  Her two-year old birthday gift was a Little Tyke basketball goal. As parents, we had to say “no” when she was in elementary school and wanted to sign-up for the boy’s football team. But over the years, she excelled in basketball and softball. I was relieved when she graduated from high school without severe injuries from all of her crazy stunts. But as Lindsay’s friends all know, she lives every day as if it might be her last and she is NOT going to miss out on anything. Even in college, we received exciting phone calls from OSU that she was getting to play quarterback on an inter-mural flag football team in the Boone Pickens Stadium. WOW!!!

All of the GREAT memories over the past 25 years could make for a l-o-n-g blog post, but I know Lindsay prefers to keep them short (sometimes :)) so I won’t go on too much longer. Our family celebrates this special birthday with joy in our hearts and thanksgiving for the gift of a wonderful daughter and sister.

Lindsay, you were such a fun, easy-going, respectful, obedient child. These characteristics and more make up the beautiful, young lady you have become. Young women growing up today face a steep uphill battle in forming a positive, healthy view of their own identity. Positive role models are virtually nonexistent. Television programs and magazines feature female actresses whose roles revolve around illicit romance, materialism, and career pursuits. You have chosen to swim against the current – with GOD’S help – to resist the values and ways of the world around you. You have become a positive role model for other young ladies. You possess so many biblical qualities: trustworthiness, productivity, financial wisdom, generosity, genuine concern, modesty, wisdom, kindness, confidence, joy and a fear of the Lord. We are so proud of you!

Lindsay, I have seen your character grow over the years through a consistent commitment to the Lord and simply by God’s grace. We thank God daily for one of our greatest blessings…the birth of Lindsay Michelle Rother on March 20, 1987. Happy 25th Birthday!

Love you,

Mama Roth

Letter #342: Who Do I…..?

Dear answers,

I have a list of questions, and I need to find you.


Who do I call when I’m clueless about cooking, cleaning, health and life in general?

Who do I trust to have advice no matter what the topic?

Who do I count on to bring me back to reality while still letting me dream?

Who do I know will accept me for who I am, who I am striving to be and who I am not?

Who do I strive to resemble and be like as I grow up?

Who do I laugh uncontrollably with and never get to spend enough time with?

Who do I respect and look up to like no other?

Who do I aspire to be even half of if I ever have children of my own?

Who do I know is praying for me more than anyone else on earth?

Who do I admire on this earth most?


I’ve taken a strange approach from the beginning with this whole blog thing, so why stop now? Ten questions normally offer 10 different results. Not today. Today, only one person is you to all my questions. You see, today is Mama Roth’s birthday!!! We must celebrate her because today, and everyday, she is you to every single one of these questions. Anyone in their right mind would give up ice cream for a year (if you know me, then you know how much I love ice cream!) to spend moments with a person who could fulfill the criteria of these 10 questions, and she’s my mom. Are you kidding me?!

Mom's Day, Freshman year of college...Hey Blondie!!
Dana's Wedding, Summer 2008
Christmas 2008, First one in the Edmond house
Christmas 2010, Mom and her girls!

Mama Roth, know you are loved and cherished by me but also by SO many others. I wouldn’t be who I am today without your relentless dedication to being a wife, mother and Christ follower. You have no idea how much you bless the lives of those you encounter with your welcoming personality, selfless sacrifices and joyful spirit. Thanks for life, encouragement, unconditional love and support, prayers, an example worthy of following and for being the answer to all these questions. Happy Birthday Mom!

Thankful to know the person that answers these questions,

Daughter of the best mom in the world

P.S. Love that you are the answer to one of the most important questions of all….who do I know is the most faithful blog reader?!?!? Love you Mom!