Letter #675: The Little

Dream Big

Dear being grounded,

Growing up, you were a negative. Two words I probably knew a little too well. Now that I’m an adult, you’re something I actually long to always remain.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a season of life quite like I’m in now. I feel like the lessons I’m learning are more frequent than ever. Purposeful living is something I can’t shake. There’s nothing I want more than to live a life filled with purpose. This has caused me to wake up each morning with more fervor than ever. Every day matters. Moments count. I’m choosing to live with purpose more than ever and it’s SO worth it.

I believe in a God who is able to do immeasurably more than all I could ever ask or imagine, and I’m committed to living my life believing this. If you’ve spent any time with me in the last 10 months, then you’ve heard me talk about one of the lessons I’m learning”…Dream big. Pray big. Believe big. I’m dreaming, praying and believing big. Not necessarily big in the world’s eyes, but big concerning things that matter, eternal things.

But in the midst of praying through the layers God is stirring in me, you’re the one thing I can’t get away from. Oh I’m dreaming big, but over and over two words continue to come to mind. ‘The little.’ These are probably the last words I would’ve expected to think of. I’m praying and dreaming outside the box. I’m willing and open to anything. Safe is secondary.

Yet you are where my mind goes”…to the epitome of safe!

But is it?

The little is hard. The little is quiet and unnoticed. The little is everything.

In the midst of believing big for my life, I must be quick to remember the importance of the little. If I can’t be faithful in the little, the big will never happen. If I’m not faithfully executing the little, my life will unravel.

In a society fascinated by big, I’m reminded of the little. Living my life with integrity in the smallest areas is just as significant as starting a non-profit. Valuing a person who gives me zero personal gain the same way I would a celebrity or rich person matters. Sharing the hope of the Gospel to one person is just as important, maybe more so, as being on a microphone in front of thousands.

I am praying and dreaming big, but the little matters. The little is hard. Living with purpose is a daily choice and commitment, one I’m learning is worth it.

I long to be grounded and to live purposefully. I long for my days to echo this: “Live with purpose today so you can live with vision tomorrow.” I believe this starts by boldly and intentionally living the little.

I think I’m more grounded than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m convinced it’s because I’m learning more each day that the little matters.

Fighting to remain grounded,