Letter #514: Finished!!!!

Dear grad school,

YOU ARE FINISHED!!!!! Honestly, I never thought I’d pursue you to begin with. I’ve never been a die hard academic. I always put decent effort into doing well, but let’s just say studying in college wasn’t my greatest priority 🙂 So for me to begin a whole new endeavor in the academic realm wasn’t on my radar. Then, I decided to go to the Kanakuk Institute, and it only made sense to also get my Master’s in the process. Thus, you began.

As I think back over the two year span I completed you, I laugh. I coined myself the JBU slacker during my Institute year. Not so much because my performance lacked, but more so because while everyone else locked themselves into study mode I was making memories with my friends! I may have slept less, but I always got my work done and never felt I missed out on memory making. I knocked 24 hours out during my year at the Institute, took a year off because I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew by pursuing school and my first real, big kid job, and completed my last 12 hours this year. 36 hours of coursework, countless papers, presentations and discussion boards, and three years later, I am officially a master!

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with my Masters of Ministry with an emphasis on Leadership and Ethics, but I do know I learned some great stuff along the way. Tons of practically applicable information I’ve already been able to apply to my life and job, but also countless intangibles that have shaped the woman I am and am becoming.

My takeaways from my time at the Institute can’t be defined. A foundation was laid in my life I will build on forever. An understanding of the Bible as a whole is something I can’t put a price on. Researching, writing, studying and defending my beliefs before a panel backing everything with Scripture taught me more than I can ever gauge. Practical leadership skills I can use for life. I’ve read books I can drop in conversation and sound smart. Learning to balance a full time job and a full school load these last eight weeks, I’m convinced will allow me to balance even more important things in my life better, especially concerning future family. You have allowed me to learn so many things. Even though I don’t know exactly how you’ll benefit me career-wise, you’ve already benefited me personally.

While I am unbelievably relieved to be done with you, seriously a giant weight is off my shoulders, I think I’m also going to miss you a smidge. We’ve had a long relationship going, and now it’s over. I’ll miss the opportunity to learn and will have to train myself to learn on my own. Completing you is one of my greatest accomplishments simply because I had to manage a balancing act of life in the process. My anthem was true: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!!

Thanks for a fun, challenging, knowledge-gaining ride,

Grad school graduate

Letter #508: One More Week

Dear life,

I can’t wait for you to slow down even for just a day. Let’s be honest, you never really slow down because there’s always something that pops up. Who am I kidding? As soon as I get through this crazy season, it’s time for camp which means even more chaos. I’ll gladly take camp chaos!

One more week and I can breathe. One more week Lindsay. One more week. School is done (DONE) in one more week. I can come home from work and not look at a computer again until the next day. I can go to sleep before 1 AM because I’m up writing papers. I can have one of you outside of school and work. I can’t wait.

Faithfully trying to finish strong,

Weary grad student

Prayers appreciated if you think about it!!!!

Letter #502: End in Sight

Dear grad school,

Oh my goodness, you are wearing me out. You’re also distracting me from my blogging! Literally I am counting down the days until you are done. May 5th can’t come soon enough.

On the flip side I have a ton to accomplish before you can be completed, so if you could slow down that’d be great too. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just have our cake and eat it too?!

When I finish, the first of my 2012 goals will be completed…complete my Masters’ degree. This is something I never thought I’d do, dread at times and actually thoroughly enjoy aspects of as well. I’m praying that the next two weeks would be filled with focus, motivation and execution because thankfully the end is in sight!!!

Wading through books, paper writing, APA style and presentations,

Almost grad school graduate