Letter #381: The Lou…

Dear St. Louis,

The Gateway to the West…

…I say the gateway to great food!!

The Hill: the Italian district. Unbelievable food and service.
Ted Drewes: Legitimately probs the best ice cream I've ever eaten. First to coin upside down concretes.
Coolest burger joint I've been to...14 total seats, 7 on each side of the counter. 2 entrances because you can't go across in the restaurant. Good food. Great atmosphere.

Even though I’m pulling for the Rangers, I still really like the Cards. You’re also the gateway to great baseball!

Wouldn't mind catching a game here at some point in my life...

You’re also a gateway to great people…

St. Louis, you are lucky to have this girl!
The old K-Life guy (Ward), new K-Life guy (Brian) and Drew in front of the sweetest K-Life house I've ever seen.

…The ones I remembered to take pictures with, the ones I met for the first time this week, the ones I forgot to take pictures with and the ones I have yet to meet.

I learned a ton about you last week. You’re very quirky. Kind of life this shark!

This is just cool...a lighted shark with letters cut out of it. Keep your eyes peeled for crazy stuff like this I could use for camp or just for my own personal decor! Seriously.

Quirky in the sense of having a great deal of culture. Private school is normal. Like 13-27 thousand dollars a year normal. Baffling to me.

You are a melting pot. White. Black. Italian. Greek. Catholic. Jewish. You house everything. It makes sense though since you were the gateway to the west.

You have a ton of money. Old and new money. In the midst of this, you have ridiculous shopping and others right up my alley! I went into Plaza Frontenac just for kicks and giggles…let’s just say I received funny looks for being underdressed. Then I stopped by West County Mall…H&M, Forever 21, you name it, they had it!

All in all, you sure were a good place to spend a week. I’d love to come back and explore more soon.

Until next time,

Enjoyer of you

Letter #222: Chick-fil-A Boom!

Dear Chick-fil-A,

Yesterday, I went to Springfield to get my car fixed…again, and I have to go back. Another story for another day. However, I got my car back at 2:30 in the afternoon. Now, I had two options.

Option 1: I could make my way back to Branson and finish my afternoon by working a few hours in the office. This would be the logical choice.

Option 2: Post up somewhere with wi-fi for the afternoon, work from there and grab you on the way back to Branson for dinner. Of all places to post up, where do I end up….Starbucks. I don’t even drink coffee. I had to buy one of those baby dessert deals in order to be a respectful customer. Well, I guess my option of choice is pretty clear!

Branson not having you has always been a joke and a bit sad, but it’s never really bugged me too much. (In case you’ve never been to Branson, we are Chick-fil-Aless…you’re also missing out on the Christian Vegas, vacation capital of the world!) Not having you in my city wasn’t a big deal because I ate you enough on trail to compensate. However, yesterday I realized the depths of my love for you.

So, after working from the lobby of the auto shop and Starbucks, it was time to pay you a visit. I was so excited for my dinner, but I was also happy I got to bring you back for several friends to make their evenings. A girl can’t visit you without hooking her friends up! I placed my order, attempted to sample your new sweet potato fries (FYI: they’re only test runs at certain locations), received the best food service in town and made my way back to Shady B. Loved seeing how excited people were to eat you in Branson and that you were still good after a 45 minute drive.

So, today I join the bandwagon of “Operation: Get Chick-fil-A to Branson.’ It would be a sound business move for you. Trust me, Kanakuk people alone would keep you profitable. Plus, I’d venture to say tourists would hit you up like crazy. Today, I would like to applaud you for your quality food and excellent service. You do things well. I’d also like to request that you evaluate your ability to franchise in Branson, MO.

Keep me posted,

Eater of “Mor Chikin’