Letter #175: Guest Post-First Impressions

***During a phone conversation on a snow day, I flippantly joked with my dear friend, Ashley Nick, that she should take advantage of all her free time as a Dallas teacher with no school and write a guest blog post. This is the result!***

Dear first impressions,

Boy, you are deceiving! When I met Lindsay Rother 20 months ago, you entailed this: “this girl is intimidating! Since then, I’ve learned I was not alone thinking this and others have had the same tale as I. Lindsay wasn’t, and isn’t, one of those over-the-top, friendly, warm personalities at first. I would’ve never guessed we would become great friends after our initial encounter. I also would’ve never guessed this girl would be a lover of the dance floor and all Lady GaGa music. Who knew?!

We worked together at K-West Summer 2009 knowing we’d both be attending the Kanakuk Institute in the fall, but neither of us spent any energy getting to know one another. My embarrassing, epic fail reciting of the theme song of “Trading Spaces” resulted in Lindsay’s new nickname, Lindsay “Move that Bus” Rother, but other than that, we were virtually out of each other’s worlds.

When time came to move my life to Missouri, for some reason, this intimidating, athletic, kamp girl offered to put me up for the night in Oklahoma to break up my drive. Despite intimidation, I didn’t want to drive eight hours straight by myself, so I accepted. I found myself welcomed by Mama and Papa Roth and even Lindsay turned out to be nice! 🙂

We settled into our Hawaiian oasis in Shady B at the Kanakuk Institute, and I found myself actually becoming great friends with Lindsay “Intimidation” Rother. I was surprised and thankful. I even found we were great travel buddies when we were roommates in Israel. She even “came to my aid” (a.k.a. slept through the whole thing) when I got sick in Jerusalem. To her defense, I didn’t wake her up, but I still like to give her a hard time about it.


Camel riding: what an adventure! Lindsay is still annoyed her camel seat was so low and awkward.

My favorite trip with Lindsay was our Institute class cruise. This is when I saw her true colors: Lindsay, the Lady GaGa loving, dancing machine. Forty-four of us spent most nights “closin’ down the club’ on the ship. Lindsay coined this phrase, and it stuck (all the way to Lampe, MO Summer 2010). Blog readers, if you haven’t had the privilege of witnessing Linds bust out her best moves, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t ask her to next time you see her.

Her most famous moves are the “airplane arms,” “parting the crowd” and the ever so popular “fist swivel.” I have to say, Lindsay singing “Rama Ramama Rama Ramama GaGa Oooh La La” can be a bit frightening (as when Lady GaGa does), but SO hilarious. I can’t hear a GaGa song today without thinking of Lindsay’s “closin’ down the club’ moves. The best part was when she taught a group of 10 year old girls her moves through glass windows. Kids weren’t allowed in the club, but this didn’t stop Lindsay from finding apprentices. She’d do a dance move, then the girls would copy. They couldn’t get enough of her. They loved her impeccable dancing abilities and the whole situation was just hilarious to watch.

On the southern steps of Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Flashback to my you of Lindsay: Intimidation. I would’ve never guessed we’d become travel buddies, dance floor dominators or dear friends, but it happened.  I’m thankful you are often deceiving and that things turned out differently than I first imagined. Not only is Lindsay a lover of the dance floor, but she’s a lover of the Lord, intentional, wise, encouraging, thoughtful, dependable and fun. If I hadn’t given her a chance beyond you, I would’ve missed out on a fantastic friend. It makes me wonder…how often do I let my thoughts, opinions and you impede on opportunities to invest in people?


Glad I was wrong 🙂