Letter #631: Discipline Despite Chaos

Dear discipline,

I need you to be implemented in my life now more than ever. Today, I start my traveling adventures. While fun will absolutely be had, chaos undoubtedly will also ensue.

Drive. Drive some more. Stop and eat. Drive. More driving. Arrive at show. Tell people about Kanakuk. Interview. Finish late. Eat dinner. Hang out with staff. Sleep”…not very much. Early wake up. Breakfast with staff. Interview. Lunch. Drive. Drive. Arrive at show. Do it all over again.

You are SO hard to maintain. In every area of life. Exercise. Sleep. Food choices. Way time is spent.

But really, I’m not sure you’re ever easy. Discipline is a combination of big picture vision with moment by moment choice. And I’m going to need lots of in the moment choices to maintain any form of you during the ensuing chaos.

Thus, I’ve created some big picture vision for myself and am committed to being faithful in the little along the way. Sure, chaos will occur. I will do grown up early mornings on top of late night college nights.

But really, I’m not sure you’re ever any different. You are never easy. You’re always a choice. And not just one choice that lasts for months but rather hundreds of choices”…

So the chaos begins. As does the adventure. As does a great test of how much I truly value you. It’s one thing to be disciplined in a controlled environment. It’s a whole new ballgame to be disciplined when you control very few variables in your daily schedule.

Chaos cannot define me. If it does, I’ll never sleep, eat a bunch of crap without working out, gain 15 pounds of late night pizza and ice cream, never spend alone time and be miserable for the next six weeks. I need discipline, but it’s on me to implement it or not. Just like it’s up to you to practice it in your life, no matter what your life looks like.

Here’s to instilling and executing discipline despite circumstances,

The girl who needs discipline