Letter #574: Magical Christmas


Dear magical,

I don’t use you much, but there is only one way to describe Silver Dollar City at Christmas: MAGICAL. Last weekend, I finally got into the holiday spirit after visiting ‘the city’ in Branson! Four million lights. The highest level performances in Dickens’ Christmas Carol and It’s a Wonderful Life. Christmas parade. Roller coasters in the dark with the best view of the lights. Delicious food options. Seriously, I’m convinced it’s the most ‘magical’ Christmas destination in the U.S.!

Every street is lined with lights like this if not even more!
A Dickins’ Christmas Carol…seriously, Broadway level performances/some of the best shows I’ve seen in all of Branson!
My SDC exploration friends, Jennifer (check out her DIY blog here) and Susan!

Again, I don’t use you in my vocabulary, well ever, but you are the only proper description of the SDC experience. I also don’t highly recommend many things in life, but Silver Dollar City during the holidays is a MUST. Everybody needs to visit in their lifetime and celebrate the holidays in Branson! Plus, as long as I live there, you can come visit me too!!

Amazed at their boldness to elevate the true Christmas story of Christ in their park,

Advocate of Silver Dollar City