Letter #674: When I Want to Go…


Dear questions,

There are a handful of you I’m consistently asked. One is “Lindsay, are you going back to Africa this year?”

A year ago an opportunity opened up where I attended and helped put on Family Legacy’s Dream Camp in Zambia (recap of what I did). Words will never fully describe my time there.

Eye-opening. Fun. Life-giving. Refreshing. Incredible. I’m not sure I’ll ever do anything again in my life quite like going to Africa for the first time. The unknown. The excitement. The hesitancy. The lack of expectations.

My girls, Esther and Mercy!

Anytime the subject of Africa comes up, I’m overjoyed. I love talking about it. The people. The kids. The joy they exude despite circumstances. The simplicity. The genuine faith. The depth of knowledge. The scripture they know.

Sure I was able to love on some kids for a week and laugh lots with them while I was there, but the impact Africa and the kids at Tree of Life Village had on me was and continues to be far greater (my one Africa Takeaway). My life, perspective and prayers will never be the same.

So we’re back to the question. There’s nothing I’d rather do more with 9 days of my winter than hang with the Tree of Life kids. I have been able to tell my story of Africa more in the last 15 days than ever. New and even more passion, thankfulness and excitement have been discovered.

All the kids in the house I was paired up with, Mercy House!

Everything in me wants to go back. Everything. And I don’t even think choosing to go could be a negative. But the thing I’m learning is that sometimes the answer can be no to even a good thing. Even when yes makes sense, sometimes my answer has to be no.

I can’t explain it. A sea hasn’t parted and a voice hasn’t bellowed from the sky, but as sure as I was the answer was yes a year ago, I am that it’s no now. This is harder for me to type and ultimately embrace than going ever would be. I want to go, but I am not to go right now. So we’re back to obedience matters. Even when it doesn’t make sense, it matters.

So there you have it, the really long answer to a pretty short one of you. No, I’m not going to Africa this year. And while I may never fully understand why, I am choosing to trust this is best.

Lord, you know best,


Have you ever been told no even if yes sounded like a good thing? What’d you learn?

Letter #342: Who Do I…..?

Dear answers,

I have a list of questions, and I need to find you.


Who do I call when I’m clueless about cooking, cleaning, health and life in general?

Who do I trust to have advice no matter what the topic?

Who do I count on to bring me back to reality while still letting me dream?

Who do I know will accept me for who I am, who I am striving to be and who I am not?

Who do I strive to resemble and be like as I grow up?

Who do I laugh uncontrollably with and never get to spend enough time with?

Who do I respect and look up to like no other?

Who do I aspire to be even half of if I ever have children of my own?

Who do I know is praying for me more than anyone else on earth?

Who do I admire on this earth most?


I’ve taken a strange approach from the beginning with this whole blog thing, so why stop now? Ten questions normally offer 10 different results. Not today. Today, only one person is you to all my questions. You see, today is Mama Roth’s birthday!!! We must celebrate her because today, and everyday, she is you to every single one of these questions. Anyone in their right mind would give up ice cream for a year (if you know me, then you know how much I love ice cream!) to spend moments with a person who could fulfill the criteria of these 10 questions, and she’s my mom. Are you kidding me?!

Mom's Day, Freshman year of college...Hey Blondie!!
Dana's Wedding, Summer 2008
Christmas 2008, First one in the Edmond house
Christmas 2010, Mom and her girls!

Mama Roth, know you are loved and cherished by me but also by SO many others. I wouldn’t be who I am today without your relentless dedication to being a wife, mother and Christ follower. You have no idea how much you bless the lives of those you encounter with your welcoming personality, selfless sacrifices and joyful spirit. Thanks for life, encouragement, unconditional love and support, prayers, an example worthy of following and for being the answer to all these questions. Happy Birthday Mom!

Thankful to know the person that answers these questions,

Daughter of the best mom in the world

P.S. Love that you are the answer to one of the most important questions of all….who do I know is the most faithful blog reader?!?!? Love you Mom!