Letter #652: 2014 Adventures

Dear 2014,

You have already been quite the whirlwind. I rang you into reality in Lusaka, Zambia! Wait, what?! This still blows my mind. And by rang you in, I mean I slept a really great night’s sleep! Coming back to America, I’ve been confused for most of January as to what year it is because I missed Ryan Seacrest’s Time Square ball drop. I think I’ve seen enough Idol commercials with his face to finally acclimate myself!

Why have you been a whirlwind? Let’s look at it this way:

  • I’ve already been in 12 states and 3 countries.
  • I’ve driven and flown literally thousands of miles.
  • Your first four weekend locations:
    • Africa
    • Oklahoma
    • Branson
    • North Carolina

Absolute whirlwind.

Incredibly thankful.

Excited for rest and stability soon.

I woke up this morning in Kansas and couldn’t figure out why I was tired. Then I took a few minutes to think through the last month of my life. Wow. The new year came and adventures accompanied. I love adventures.

Month one is coming to a close. I’m looking forward to just being in Branson for a bit for sure, but I’m also looking forward with great anticipation what else you have in store.

Let’s go 2014!!!!

January traveler/adventure seeker

Letter #602: ‘OklaHOME’


Dear OklaHOME,

“Oooooklahoma, Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain….”

Just when we think only Texans can love their state, we pull things like this out and put them to shame! #oklahomaforever

There seems to be quite the theme in my birthday gifts from my sisters this year. Oklahoma. I’m wondering if subliminally they’re trying to tell me to Okla’comeHOME?!?!’ 🙂 Either way, thanks for knowing me well and loving me even better.

My newest attire to cheer on my fav professional team…THUNDER UP!

I’m not sure returning to the ‘great state’ is in the cards anytime soon…maybe one day, but I appreciate the sentiment. I was also reminded just how much I really do love my state. Tons of great memories and some of my favorite people reside there. Whether I live there or not, it will always be ‘home’ to some degree.

Here’s to OklaHOME meeting my Missouri APT,

Oooooklahoma fan

Letter #583: Emerson’s Lessons


Dear outside,

I love spending time with you. Going on a walk or a run. Sitting on a porch and chatting with friends or reading. Playing games with my nephews or chillin’ on the lake. Whatever it may be, you are one of my favorite places to be.

Now imagine never getting to experience you; constantly being surrounded by four walls. Now add all sorts of tubes coming out of you while being confined to the indoors.

For 10 and a half weeks, this has been my sweet nephew Emerson’s life. Until yesterday. Born six weeks early with a hole in his heart, he just hasn’t been able to get himself off of his feeding tube. Today the efforts to change that begin.

Yesterday, Emerson got to step foot in you for the first time in his entire life. He smelled fresh air, rode in his car seat for the first time and took his first big road trip all in one day. Today he begins the beginnings of the heart surgery he’ll have tomorrow in Dallas that will hopefully set him up to get to go home.

We can’t control this life, but we can embrace the little moments along the way. I take getting to hang out outdoors for granted daily. Emerson’s been in you once. If I take this for granted, what else do I miss and take for granted daily?

Emerson, thanks for reminding me to make the most of the little things. I’m praying for you and your surgery. Continue to be strong and a fighter. You’re already teaching those around you more than you’ll ever know.

God, I’m asking You to be in the middle of all this. Guide the hands of the surgeons. Provide peace that surpasses all understanding to all those who love Emerson. Prepare our hearts for what lies ahead. Make Emerson strong. I trust You.

Praying for E,

Rememberer of the Little

Readers, I’d sure appreciate you joining me in prayer for my baby nephew.

Letter #581: January Travels

Dear travel,

You are one of my favorite things to do. This is probably most true when concerning vacationing, but I really enjoy you in a work setting as well. Good thing because January is hoppin’!! Looking forward to some really fun stops and memories along the way! Here’s a glimpse of my destinations:

  • Dec. 31st-Jan. 5th: Atlanta for Passion 2013 and a camper recruiting event. Post on Passion coming soon!
  • Jan. 17th: Auburn
  • Jan. 18-19th: Birmingham, AL family shows
  • Jan. 20-21st: Charlotte, NC family shows
  • Jan. 21st: Davidson College
  • Jan. 22nd: University of South Carolina
  • Jan. 23rd: Anderson & Furman University
  • Jan. 24th: Clemson
  • Jan. 27-29th: FINALLY back to the motherland, Oklahoma State University!!!!!
  • Jan. 29-31st: Kansas State

January is going to fly by because of you, but I’m excited about it. I’m going to get to see parts of the country I’ve never seen before, visit lots of new campuses and see a heck of a lot of friends along the way. Holler at your girl if you’re in these areas, and I don’t know…I’d love to connect.

Here’s to the adventures January will entail,

Traveler and adventure seeker

Letter #502: End in Sight

Dear grad school,

Oh my goodness, you are wearing me out. You’re also distracting me from my blogging! Literally I am counting down the days until you are done. May 5th can’t come soon enough.

On the flip side I have a ton to accomplish before you can be completed, so if you could slow down that’d be great too. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just have our cake and eat it too?!

When I finish, the first of my 2012 goals will be completed…complete my Masters’ degree. This is something I never thought I’d do, dread at times and actually thoroughly enjoy aspects of as well. I’m praying that the next two weeks would be filled with focus, motivation and execution because thankfully the end is in sight!!!

Wading through books, paper writing, APA style and presentations,

Almost grad school graduate

Letter #451: K-State: The Secret Room

Dear Manhattan,

Well, you win the most random adventure on a trail! After our show, some K-2 staff decided to take us on an adventure. I had no idea where we were going. After too many laughs on the way (mind you I’m with four college students, three guys and a girl, myself, and three grown men, camp directors…recipe for hilarity), we end up at the library. I didn’t spend time at the library when I was in college, why in the world am I here now?! We had trouble written all over us!

We climbed a few floors of steps and proceeded to enter a “secret room.’ No joke, K-State has secret rooms. We’re convinced we probably broke the record for most people in the secret room…Guinness Book of World Records…we’re coming for you! Moving stacks and the Harry Potter Great Room later, we called it a night!

Welcome to my random, chaotic and memorable way of life…literally, I never know what a day will have in store for me!

In case you were wondering, you are full of great people. I also love your downtown restaurant and bar area. Great eating establishments, specifically the So Long Saloon, and just an all around neat atmosphere. I wish I could have explored more, but the bits and pieces I experienced were pretty great. Most unique and coolest part of campus: K-State has kept their old stadiums rather than demolishing them. Thus, the old football and basketball arenas still exist and are used for classes, intramurals and other purposes. Neat to see old school and modern together.

All in all, you’re a pretty solid place. I did continually ponder if I could do purple constantly. Jury’s still out on that, but I’m leaning toward no!

Props to the fellas reppin’ purple,

Secret Room Discoverer