Letter #690: And so I turn 30…

Dear age,

You’re just a number, yet you’re so much more. You’re a number that instantly classifies…old, young, mature, naïve. You tell us what we should have accomplished and shine a light on the things we haven’t made it to yet.

And so I turn 30. Honestly, I truly never dreamed I’d live to see you. When I was a kid, I don’ think I ever allowed my mind to pass 23…my Jordan year! Because by then I would have finished school, secured a job, been working my way toward a successful career and dating the man I would soon marry. 24…26…29…what in the world?? My childhood plan looks quite different from what has panned out, and I forgot to dream this far down the road!

Thirty. 30. 3-0. I can’t quite wrap my mind around it. It sounds older than 29. There are expectations that come with being 30, things you are supposed to embody, characteristics you should possess. And even life stages you should be in by now.

Sure, culture tells us all kinds of things. Married by 30, kids by 35. Goodbye 20s as well as fun and spontaneity. I disagree. Culture and age don’t get to define me. Life is what you make it. Why wouldn’t I choose to make every season the best yet?! And so while many dread this milestone, I embrace and look forward to it. Does my life look different than I thought it would as I enter my fourth decade? Absolutely. Have things that never even crossed my mind as possibilities become some of my favorite memories and things I’m most thankful for? Without a doubt.

I’m thankful I’m not solely responsible to write my story. The life I envisioned would have been fine, but the things I’ve been able to do and people who’ve become part of my life because my story has played out differently is far better than fine. I would have missed out on SO many life-giving, even life-changing, moments.

And so I turn 30. And rather than recounting all the things that have yet to pan out in my life, I am instead overjoyed and celebrating with great thankfulness all that has. The people. The big. The little. The things I wish would have played out differently. The hurts. The adventures. My first 30 years have been better than I could have written. And I must clarify, better doesn’t mean easy. Better just means that I believe and trust a God who is at work in ways I can’t see. This doesn’t always make sense. I have my doubts, fears and frustrations. But at the end of the day, I trust that He is writing a better story than I ever could write myself, and I choose to trust Him!

And so I turn 30. And if I’m honest, I feel no different today than I did at 29 or even 28. You’re just a number. No matter how much the world wants to tell us otherwise, you are nothing more. A measure of time to remind us just how blessed we are to have made it another day.

And so I turn 30. And I will keep doing life the same way today as yesterday. Intentionally. Purposefully. Adventurously. Same focus, different decade.

Cheers to life and choosing to live it abundantly,


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I'm Lindsay. I write letters at least one a day to be exact. I love words of affirmation, the OKC Thunder, Oklahoma State, tempos with v-necks, ice water, garage sales, budgeting and Blue Bell. Processing life and quality conversation make me tick. I'm simple yet complex all at the same time. My family and friends mean more to me than the world, but my identity lies in Christ.

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