Letter #672: Travel Schedule

Photo contest

Dear travel,

So we meet again. The slowness and calm of September are no more and your storm has arrived.

After a quick vacation in Seattle (p.s. I loved it and highly recommend!), here’s where the Kanakuk trail is taking me this year:

  • Sept. 30-Oct. 2 Oklahoma State University (nothing like starting at the alma!)
  • Oct. 5-7 Texas A&M
  • Oct. 7-9 Baylor
  • Oct. 19-24 Home Shows…Birmingham!
  • Nov. 2-4 Auburn
  • Nov. 4 Georgia
  • Nov. 5 Samford
  • Nov. 6 Bama
  • Nov. 10 Mississippi College
  • Nov. 11 Mississippi State
  • Nov. 12 Ole Miss
  • Nov. 13 Oxford Families

Yes, your storm has arrived, but the thing about me is I like storms. Storms create adrenaline, excitement and urgency. I love seasons like this. Adventure is upon me, waiting at every turn. I’m excited for all what lies ahead.

Here’s to living out of a suitcase and 15 passenger van,

Road ready

*Readers, give me a shout if you’re in any of these areas.

*There’s also a photo competition which creates an even more fun element to my journey. Categories and rules above. Last year I won 3 of 5 categories…and I’m in it to win it again! Friends, let’s make some memories and knock this out of the park!

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