Letter #630: #Winning, but I need your help

Dear competition,

I love to have fun. I can also be pretty competitive. Combine the two, and I’m all in.

I hit the road recruiting for Kanakuk next week and that in and of itself is fun and exciting. Throw some of you into the mix on top of all the adventures I already know are going to happen”…I’m excited. And I want to win.

So here’s the scoop. Best photo taken during our travels in the following 5 categories wins. It’s that simple.

This has potential to be hilarious. “Hey, I just photobombed your pic…can you text that to me?!?!”

I am already known for making memories and having a whole stinkin’ lot of fun on the road. “Breaking into’ stadiums. Getting locked into them and literally scaling a wall to get out. Visiting creepy Elvis shrines. Finding secret rooms. First time motorcycle ride.

I love to travel. I love to have fun. I was already doing this kind of thing anyway, but this just added a whole new dynamic to my travels.

This is where you come in. I can’t do this on my own. I don’t quite know where adventure lies in cities I’m unfamiliar with. Plus adventures are ALWAYS way more fun with friends. Here’s the list of where I’m coming this fall. I’m already excited to simply see you and do life together in the flesh, but I also need you to brainstorm how we’re going to win this contest and make memories in the process. If I’m not coming to see you, feel free to suggest ideas or even road trip to find me 🙂 Kidding. Kind of.

Laughing just thinking about the possibilities and adventure that lie ahead,

Adventure and memory seeker

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I'm Lindsay. I write letters at least one a day to be exact. I love words of affirmation, the OKC Thunder, Oklahoma State, tempos with v-necks, ice water, garage sales, budgeting and Blue Bell. Processing life and quality conversation make me tick. I'm simple yet complex all at the same time. My family and friends mean more to me than the world, but my identity lies in Christ.

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