Letter #624: Team Emerson


Dear world,

Ten months ago, a new baby was welcomed into you. He came earlier than expected, thus smaller and underdeveloped. Four months in the NICU and an open-heart surgery later, he finally made it home! And while he may have come different than expected, he has brought more joy than expected as well.

You see, Emerson is my youngest nephew. Doctors informed his parents he would have Down’s syndrome before he was born. After the initial shock, a mindset of rolling with the punches you throw was developed. In Emerson’s first few months of life, it seemed like we were getting repeated blows to the head. Prayer increased. Faith grew. And hope lied in the only place hope can truly come from”…the Lord.

Today, it’s as if all the craziness of those first few months was ages ago. Today, Emerson is a healthy and incredibly happy 10-month-old baby boy. He laughs, rolls over, chews on his feet. He’s really no different than any 10-month-old I’ve ever met. I’m sure there are differences, but we could care less. He’s stolen every single heart he encounters. In the words of my sister, “Emerson was welcomed home and immediately became a source of love, patience, bravery, strength, happiness and joy for our entire family. So when we say our lives were changed forever, we really mean our lives were changed for the better.” I couldn’t agree more.

Just kickin’ it in the pool…He loves to swim and is enthralled with his feet!

One of the reasons his rocky entrance into you has transitioned into being extremely calm is thanks to the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma (DSACO). Through all this, they’ve provided resources, connected Emerson’s family with families of similar stories which is allowing neat friendships to form, and informed Emerson’s parents about available programs for him. DSACO helped my family a ton, and we want to return the favor.

The Smith family…yes, we are well aware they are in the wrong colors. We still love them! Also, Emerson has to wear a helmet to reshape his head after being in the NICU for so long. It’s painted Thunder colors!!!

On October 19th, the DSACO Buddy Walk is happening in Oklahoma City. Team Emerson will be present with thankfulness for the role this organization has played in our lives. But just like every other great organization, the success of DSACO is dependent on funds. The walk will aid in bringing awareness, but it is also a key fundraising piece. So yes, my family will be present to say thanks, but we will also make a donation on behalf of my sweet nephew, Emerson.

Some of E’s friends made through the DSACO!

(If you would like to come alongside Team Emerson and assist this little organization that’s made a big impact on my family, there are multiple ways to do so. A direct donation can be made here. Raffle tickets for a giveaway basket including 2 Thunder vs. Suns 3rd row tickets for Nov. 3rd, 2 Thunder shirts, 2 team Emerson shirts, 2 dinners to Bricktown Brewery, $25 to Upper Crust, $20 to Alfredo’s and $20 to the Meat House can be bought here (just denote it’s for the raffle when you give). Tickets are $10 and you could win a basket valuing more than $650. Finally, if you live in the Oklahoma City area, you can eat at S&B Burgers on Memorial & North May from 11am-10pm on September 17th. They are giving Team Emerson 10% of their sales. Thanks for your contributions in advance.)

World and really God, we didn’t know we were getting such a special gift when you decided to send Emerson our way. He’s opened my eyes to God’s goodness more than I deserve in his 10 months of life. I’m thankful Emerson was welcomed into you, and God, thanks for blessing us with this little guy!

Thankful for organizations like DSACO to provide practical help in families’ times of need,

Proud Aunt

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