Letter #594: Miracles Happen

Left: February 6th. Right: February 19th. Miracles happen.
Left: February 6th. Right: February 19th. Miracles happen.

Dear miracles,

Two weeks ago today I left Children’s Hospital in Dallas. When I left my nephew Emerson was fully sedated with a ventilator and more wires and tubes than any body should ever experience. He couldn’t move or be held.

Today he’s HOME. More than 15 weeks later, today, for the first time, Emerson woke up at home.

In a span of two weeks, I watched a baby go from lifeless to lively. A family go from separated to reunited. Countless numbers of prayers be answered.

The little guy has a long way to go, but may we not be fooled. You still exist. What’s unfolded before my eyes in the last two weeks is nothing short of miraculous.

Lord, may we not forget how You’ve shown up. It’s so easy to move on to the next event or joy or tragedy in life, but may we, specifically myself, stop, remember and thank You. You are God. You alone are worthy of worship. You are good regardless of circumstance, and while we’re grateful for where Emerson is today and continue to pray for his development I pray we would realize You are still God and still good no matter life’s outcomes.

Thankful you still happen,

Chooser to see God rather than chance through Emerson’s progress

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