Letter #576: Favorable Odds?!

Dear odds,

The majority of life, you’re against us. Maybe this time you’ll be defied?!?! Guess it never hurts to try. The morning talk show, The View, is giving away some trips to Disney to families who are in need of some time together (click here to enter). This is unbelievably kind, and I appreciate their push for family time. I have chosen to nominate my sister’s, Jamie, family. Many of you know their story. Here’s their third baby’s announcement and here’s Emerson’s debut! Below is what I wrote on their behalf…250 words or less on why a trip to Disney and time together as a family would be a huge blessing:

Pregnant. Miscarriage. Apprehensively pregnant. Beat miscarriage window. Excitement. Plan. Prepare. Abnormal tests. More tests. Unexpected news of Down’s syndrome. Process. Wild turn. Plan. Prepare. Press on with excitement. Time passes. Complications. Home bedrest. Must protect baby. Responsibility heightens for all other parties. More complications. Hospital bedrest. Meds fail. Blood pressure rises. Baby at risk. Delivery vital. Six weeks premature. Down’s. Hole in heart. NICU for entire life. Hour commute daily. Imperfect circumstances. Perfectly crafted situation. Joy present through all.

Welcome to 2012 through my sister and brother-in-law’s eyes. Parents of now nearly eight, four and a half and seven week year old boys, this has been a roller coaster year. With emotions all over the map, consistent and steadfast love remains. The older boys don’t fully understand. Their parents stretched in more directions than they can possibly fill. Nevertheless, you’d never know anything was wrong or any assistance would be helpful.

Winning a trip to Disney won’t make their circumstances go away, but I don’t believe that’s why you’re doing this. Winning Disney would allow a family who hasn’t caught a break in a while to catch a break. It would give two boys a chance to just be kids. It would allow two parents to be fully engaged in their family as life pulls in so many directions. I believe Disney would provide a glimpse of excitement during a season where excitement seems to be accompanied with bad news…only this excitement would be accompanied by Mickey and Buzz!

Only three visitors at a time…we’re hoping for a FULL family pic with Chad on Christmas…and not a selfie!

Hoping you are in our favor (this Hunger Games reference will never get old!),

Hopeful aunt and contestant

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