Letter #556: Story Worth Telling…

Dear stories,

In life there are a few things worth telling. A good one of you just happens to be one of them.

Last week kicked off my travels. First stop: The University of Oklahoma, home of the most obnoxious fight song known to man. Real talk: I’m a Cowboy through and through, but I don’t hate OU or Norman.

Sam & Claire (my adventure partner)

This being said, leading up to this trip I basically had a good one of you for every campus I’ve attended except OU. First motorcycle ride. Crazy ways I acquired t-shirts. Meeting celebrities. In the past, Norman facilitated good people time, but it never produced a good one of you. As always, solid people in Sooner Nation, but oh how times have changed in the department of adventure. Tuesday night produced a you that’s already been retold at least 17 times”…one that will never get old.


Tuesday night you start. Actually you began a few days earlier when I ragged my friend Claire about Norman’s lack of excitement in my life. Her response: “Oh, I’ll show you adventure.”  After finishing up the OU staff show, you officially began.

Car parks in the parking garage next to OU’s Stadium. Exit vehicle, enter elevator. Doors open to the OU press box. Super cool view of the stadium and could there be a better place in Norman to have a conversation?! I say no. We go a floor up and gaze over Gaylord-Memorial Stadium in an open-air area between the upper and middle deck. This in and of itself would have qualified as a great you. Of course, you don’t stop there.

Shannon…thanks for not hating me for failing to call 🙂

Back in the elevator, push the button to the floor our car is on”…nothing. No response. No life, no light, nothing. Apparently the floor’s off limits. No big, let’s go back to the press box and try from there. Nothing. Hmm, let’s try the floor below”…opens to the concourse/concession area. Well, let’s try the stairs in the press box”…no luck, leads to a cement wall. “Claire, what if we go all the way down, then walk back up the parking garage?” “Uhh Linds, we’re in the stadium. Everything down there is locked. There’s no way to get out down there.” This is when I knew we were in a bit of a pickle.

Claire has an idea. We go into the stadium and begin walking down the giant exit ramps. The parking garage and stadium are directly next to one another. We can see her car, but there’s no possible way to get between buildings. We’re five stories up and there’s just enough space in between the two buildings you could never jump. So close, yet so far.

Caitlin, my sweet little cousin…she’s friends with several girls who work at camp or were interviewing. They all think we look/act so much alike! She’s way cooler than I’ll ever be, so I take it as a compliment!

We get halfway down the ramp near her car and she says, “We have to climb.” I would pay money to have the next 20 minutes on film, but I don’t. Use your imagination!

Parking garages and stadiums are made of cement. Cement is smooth. Conclusion: difficult to climb. Nevertheless, we begin. Mind you, we’re both in skinny jeans and sandals. Hand railing, light pole and a chain link fence all aid in the first leg. We’re halfway.

At this point I”m guessing we’re 20 feet above the ramp, standing on steel beams just wide enough for our feet and a fall likely resulting in 40 feet down. Despite the circumstances I would honestly say we never really freaked out!

The sweet view of the stadium before we realized we were locked in, thus pictures were not a priority upon realization!

At this point the biggest obstacle of all lies before us. A wall to the walkway connecting the stadium to the parking garage. It’s up to my shoulders. Upper body strengthing our way over’s not gonna cut it. There are zero footholds for climbing. Naturally, camp experience comes into play. Challenge course wall technique is necessary. I use my hands as a step to get Claire over, but there’s no way she can pull me. The wall’s too high, I’m too heavy and the fall’s too great.

At this point, I have no idea how I’m getting over this wall. I try multiple methods to no avail. I can’t be sure, but it felt like we were contemplating ideas for a good 15 minutes. I tell her at one point that if someone saw us from afar they’d think I was attempting suicide and that it might be better for someone to find us than continue the climb of death. We hadn’t done anything wrong (officially). We didn’t break into anything and we weren’t destroying property, so surely they’d just unlock something and let us walk out right?!

Dead seriously, Claire asks if I can get my foot to the top of the wall (remember it’s as tall of a wall as my chest), then leverage and twist myself over. Of course I attempted it, but if you know me then you know this body does not do that. We’re out of options. I’m about ready to climb back down, walk down the rest of the ramps and see what happens at ground level, but Claire has one more idea.

She climbs back over, I use her as a step to get over then she’s determined we’ll get her over somehow. The dancer that she is gets her foot to the top of the wall. She shifts her weight as I pull her up, lands straddling the wall, flips her other leg over and lands on the platform. We walk to our car without a scratch, laughing uncontrollably and also thankful we didn’t fall to our demise. I’ve maybe never seen more of a gamer move in my life.

Had this not worked, I’m not sure what we would’ve done, but it did and this one of you goes down in the record books of one that will be retold even when I’m old. “Remember that time you were locked in the OU stadium?!”

Norman, I asked for an adventure. You, in no way, disappointed. A solid one of you was produced along with great time with really fun people. I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again”…when push comes to shove, you’re not too bad of a place. I’m thankful for my time at OSU, but I always enjoy my visits in Sooner Nation.

Until next time I’ll share your crazy antics,

Risk taker for the sake of adventure

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  1. Seriously Lindsay – am I going to have to start worrying more about you NOW than when you was a college student. All the while I’m reading this, I’m wondering where your cell phones were.

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