Letter #551: Branson Becomes Home

Dear Branson,

I forget how unique and touristy you are. At this point, you’re just home to me. I avoid the vacation side of you or find ways to capitalize on you for my own use. The Landing is where I run. The Outlets are where I get affordable clothes. The Strip, well, the Strip is avoided at all costs no matter the destination.

When I think of you, I think Shady B. I think of my job, my house, my friends, a few of my favorite restaurants. I think of you as a city of 11,000 locals rather than one with millions of tourists each year. It’s fun to make jokes about, but I don’t really think of you as Strip traffic, shows galore or the Christian Vegas. You’re just good ole’ Branson in my eyes. I love that we’ve made it to this point in our relationship!

This being said, Mama and Papa Roth came to town this weekend, and we went full out tourist! Silver Dollar City, Six, Big Cedar breakfast, Andy’s…while I don’t think of you as the tourist town you are, it sure was fun to have so many options in my own backyard!

I failed immensely in documenting our adventures. We were having too much fun!

Mama & Papa Roth do SDC…it sprinkled while we were there. Mom’s gonna kill me for using this picture because she thinks her hair was messed up, but I like it!

Attending Six, the best show in all of you in my opinion, did remind me of some hilarious pictures I had from my year at the Kanakuk Institute. Some of my friends and I went to the show that year. There happened to be six of us, so we took full photo advantage!!!!

Looking for female counterparts?!
Seriously, if you’re in Branson, add this to your must do list. They’re unbelievably talented, funny, entertaining and reasonably priced.

I love that you’ve become more than a tourist town to me. You’ve slowly but surely become home. ‘Home’ is way more fun to have visitors than just a capitalism mecca. Mama and Papa Roth, thanks for visiting. Always love time with you two. And thanks for the shelf and all the other projects we accomplished at the APT (pictures to come once I get it painted). You’re the best!

Shady B, glad we’ve arrived to this point in our relationship. Look forward to enjoying one more week of consistency with you before I hit the traveling road!

Home is where you make it,

Shady B dweller

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