Letter #518: Big Announcement

Dear announcements,

You come in many forms. Phone calls. Hand-written notes. Emails. Texts. Newspaper articles. Press conferences. There are a ton of different ways you make your debut, but I’ve learned the debut isn’t nearly as exciting as the process leading up to and following.

Think about it. Engagement. The girl shows off her ring for a few days as the couple tells the story of how he perfectly proposed. It’s an exciting moment, but it wears off pretty quickly. What doesn’t wear off is the process the couple went through to arrive at the point of realizing they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and the years that lie ahead in marriage. The moment is vital and marks a very significant time, but the process leading up to and following is the adventure and is far more exciting.

This doesn’t change the fact you’re really fun to make. There’s just something special about making the unknown known. Sometimes we dread sharing you. Other times we are bursting at the seams because we’re so anxious to get it out. Today is a time of excitement.

People say pictures say 1,000 words. For once I’m going to let these pictures do my talking and make you.

In case you interpret better with words than pictures, my oldest sister, Jamie, is expecting!!!!! The Smith clan is growing. My cute nephews are going to be big brothers, and I’m going to be an aunt for the fourth time! We couldn’t be more excited!!!!

While a new baby is maybe the most exciting one of you to make and these pictures might be the most creative way to share you ever, the moment my sister and brother-in-law found out and shared together was more special. Telling the baby’s big brothers was way more fun. Waiting anxiously to get far enough along to tell family and friends was difficult and fun. The process leading up to you has been exciting and sharing this is fun, but the journey that lies ahead is incomparable. A new baby will be brought into the world, sleep will be lost, love for another child will be discovered and life will never be the same.

You are fun and memorable, but the process is always more exciting.

Little baby Smith, we can’t wait to meet you but right now focus on developing properly! We’ll also curiously be awaiting to find out pink or blue?!?!

Cherish moments worth announcing, but don’t forget to cherish the process as well,

Cherisher of the process

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