Letter #513: Weekend of Fun!

Dear weekend,

You were filled with so many great things. I became a “Master,’ enjoyed an afternoon at the outlets because sometimes being a girl just wins out, spent time with friends, didn’t study!, took pictures at a friend’s engagement, danced the night away at a beautiful wedding and all around had a ton of fun!

You were filled with lots of old friends. Bodie, my Kanakuk Institute classmate, married Marissa, friend from the K-World, so tons of classmates and friends from other stages of life were in town. What a sweet weekend you were!

Thankful for a year with these people and SO many more not present! There's just something special about these friendships!
2010 Kanakuk Institute Class!!!
Lawson!!! My friends, the Schmidt's, baby!
Sweet Branson friends!

Their story is awesome! Both early thirties and never been married. Both individually content and seeking the Lord fervently in their own unique ways. Both adventurous beyond belief. Each complementing the other perfectly. Together a testament to the Lord’s faithfulness and perfect timing. Likely not what either of them individually planned, but could never have worked out the way it did without the Lord’s sovereignty and perfection. What a great reminder and a super fun wedding!!!!

The happy couple!

I also got to take pictures at another Institute friend’s engagement. So excited for you two and can’t wait to break it down at that reception! Perfect weekend to the ending of grad school!

Institute friends at Nate and Stephanie's engagement!

Already excited to the weekends that lie ahead,

Lover of weekends

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