Letter #458: Super Bowl Commentary

Dear Super Bowl,

I intended to write a full post on you, but as the night went on there were too many directions I could take on your post. Here’s a conglomeration of some of them and my random thoughts throughout the game:

  • Do I even need to watch the shows Smash or The Voice after how many previews I watched?!
  • How many mill do Budweiser/Bud Light, Coca-Cola and Doritos drop each year on commercials? Would their sales change at all if they didn’t?
  • How full of yourself do you have to be to have 300 Spartan soldiers carry you in to perform in front of hundreds of millions of people?
  • Justin Tuck has a J. Lo booty. Seriously, after sacking Brady at the end of the game he rose with a flat back and his booty bump had more of a hump than J. Lo’s!

    Not exactly what I was looking for but as close as I could find...I had my whole watch party laughing on this one!
  • M.I.A.: nobody even knew who you were without checking on Twitter. Obscene gestures during the most viewed event of the entire year probably aren’t the best way to break out of your shell. P.S. Who even actually noticed it in real time anyway??
  • How good is the Giants defensive front? They pressured Brady all night long. Fellas, never fear, I can also make awesome treats to eat while watching the game! 🙂
  • Congratulations Eli, you have broken out of Peyton’s little brother status for good.
  • Giants vs. Patriots=perfect opportunity to wear my blue pants with red Toms shamelessly
How long do my legs look in this?!
  • Madonna performed as a Spartan cheerleader at the age of 53…and pulled it off.
  • A playoff system exists resulting in a game coming down to the wire where people want to watch regardless of their alliances?! Hmmm…..rocket science. College football, take note.
  • Kelly Clarkson can belt it…I’m stoked for her concert March 14th!
  • Of all the millions of dollars spent on commercials, here are my top three: 1) M&M’s…”Oh, so it’s that kind of party!” 2) Budweiser Prohibition and Budweiser Eternal Optimism…not funny, but very well thought out and endearing. 3) Volkswagon dog’s weight loss program…I could have done without the Star Wars portion though.
  • How would you feel if you were Eli Manning’s wife and never mentioned while Giselle provides entire stories of her own?!
  • Jimmy Fallon’s Post Game Show…hilarious.
I promise I actually watched the game, but you provide too many intangibles to comment on outside of the game. I genuinely love the Sunday when you arrive. You have the ability to bring people together to fellowship like nothing else and for the most part can be family friendly (minus the David Beckham and GoDaddy ads).
Let’s do it again in a year,
Super Bowl commenter
What were your favorite commercials or random, hilarious thoughts from last night?!?!

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2 thoughts on “Letter #458: Super Bowl Commentary”

  1. oh man this made me laugh out loud at work… thanks for that. 🙂 for your info MIA is the girl that sings the paper planes song… mostly everyone knows that song right?! but her gesture was majorly obscene but i didn’t even notice it until i saw it on twitterland this morning… yikes. Madonna needs to retire the yoga moves on stage… not cute. and last but not least, the voice is amazing! xo

  2. Madonna’s best move of all was her decision to make a pristine recording of the performance and lip-sync it. I must give her credit for knowing that her live vocal presentation would have sounded rather feeble amid all of the extravagance. As for the game, I feel that a healthy Gronkowski would have made a ten-point difference in that game. I’m glad the Giants won, however, especially after seeing Brady point a victory sign to the owner’s skybox when the Pats scored to go up by eight with over a quarter and a half to play. I understand the win-one-for-the-owner-who-lost-his-wife sentiment, but let’s play the game first and save the dedications for later. Tom could take a few lessons from Eli on displaying excellence with a humble, low-key professionalism. Eli reminds me of my boyhood hero Johnny Unitas in that regard. Loved your comments, Lindsay!

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