Letter #364: War Eagle!

Dear Auburn,

In my 13 months of employment, you are the biggest whirlwind destination I have taken thus far. After waking up at 5 a.m., departing Dallas at 6 and driving across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, we finally arrived to you about 6 p.m. With two masters’ assignments due by midnight, I had to utilize the few spare minutes, find Wi-Fi and get the papers I had written during the 12 hour trek uploaded. With virtually no time to spare, I was back in the game of being social and engaged in the people surrounding me…half way through the trip I had to responsibly isolate myself or I would never have finished.

We quickly set up our staff show, told Auburn students about camp and started to roll through interviews. Finishing up at midnight, this was the only time I would be able to see friends. Sacrificing sleep to spend time with people has become my anthem for trail. I spent a total of 20 hours with you. Work for 10, sleep for 4, people for 6. I may never visit you again, so getting to spend good time with your people was priority.

I’m not sure if you know, but you have good people, some of the best I know. Your interviews were solid and encouraging. They give a good vibe even upon meeting them. I’ve never met one of yours who I couldn’t have been friends with in everyday life. This is saying a ton!

Last year was my first opportunity to visit you. Read here. People often ask what my favorite school to visit was. You are always in the top three. I never even set foot on your campus in my 20 hour whirlwind, but my statement still holds true. You are the Oklahoma State of Alabama. Good people. Beautiful, red-bricked campus. College town feel. The only thing missing this year…Cam Newton! You’ve got it going on, and if we’re lucky maybe I’ll get to spend more time with you in January.

You were an absolute whirlwind. You absolutely exhausted me. My time with people was sweet. Every second was worth it…eh, maybe a little more sleep would have been nice!

War Eagle,

Still a fan of you even after round 2

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