Letter #214: Dancin’ in Branson

Dear Branson,

You sure did show off this weekend! Flooded walking trails and camp. Rainy, damp and cold. You brought out your A-game! Regardless of your flaws, you provided the best weekend for reuniting friends!

Bria, one of my best friends from college and life, flew in from Memphis on Friday for our first legitimate weekend to hang out since college. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was -10 degrees and snowing, we would have made the most out of you. Friday night, we went to a local favorite, Danna’s barbecue, for dinner. Then, Bria was a trooper and spent hours at an engagement party with me where she knew nobody. Now this is a good friend! She did get a glimpse into the community I live in and is now convinced I live in a village…gotta love the K-World! Late night conversation just like old times ended the night…if only we’d have had two twin beds in the same room like our days in the annex?!

Saturday, Bria finally got her first experience of Kanakuk and you. Because of the flooding we didn’t venture out to K-West, but we walked through the Branson camps. I told way too many camp and Institute stories, and she graciously listened as I shared one of my favorite aspects of my life. I think she might understand me a little better after six years of camp!

The afternoon began with Rubylena’s Tea Room. Love this place, but girls, it’s not really a boy kind of place…there were only woman and we were the youngest people by decades! Of course we had to hit the outlets, but not without driving down the Strip! We got tons of laughs from the eccentric nature of you. Highlights: indoor waterpark and the amount of go-cart tracks, the ridiculously large number of tattoo joints, King Kong on the Wax Museum and our newest restaurant with the largest chicken in the world! Again, Bria finally understands the reality of my stories!

Saturday evening, in my opinion, is the epitome of a night on the town…remember it’s Branson! Pizza by the Chef, the best pizza, and Noah the musical…it just doesn’t get any better! Bria was impressed with her first, and hopefully only the beginning, of your shows! Noah really is solid. Visually stunning. Quality talent. Theologically sound. Live animals! I’d recommend it for sure!

In front of the theater...

You were dreary on Sunday, but we made the most of you. A little church, Starbucks, Chili’s to watch the Thunder game (rough showing), Branson Landing (the water’s receding!!!) and a trip to Harrison, AR in the midst of a storm to Seaport Airlines made for a great day…8 passenger plane in a storm?! She made it alive, and I guess we can’t really complain for the $100 roundtrip flight you provide!

All in all, you were a blast. We probably could’ve sat at a Starbucks’ table the entire three days and still had fun. We were just excited to be in the same place, laugh a ton and have great conversation. Bria, thanks for coming…Can’t wait for my Memphis debut! Seaport Airlines, thanks for cheap flights! Friendship, thanks for lasting a lifetime if we work at you.

You’re a funny place to show off, but I love ya,

Thankful for solid friendship

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