Letter #176: First Impressions

Dear first impressions,

You are funny. I laugh how many of you I’ve pegged 100% correct and how many I’ve misjudged giving me a number closer to OSU’s field goal percentage this season…terrible! Few things in life give us one shot, but you’re one of them.

Several “firsts’ happen in life, but most we get to try again, practice and learn from. For example: First steps…we’re so good at walking now people are inventing things like the two-step and c-walk! First time tasting candy… experimenting as time goes on is a must! First kiss…hopefully SO much more to look forward to!

Sure, we can’t get back our very first times, but we get to practice most of them for the rest of our lives. However, concerning you, entire futures could be altered. A great one of you happens and a dear friendship could be formed. Heck, obviously, a poor one of you could happen and a great friendship could still be formed based on yesterday’s post! But, what if you’re so bad there’s no second chance, no reason to interact with someone again? Paths could never cross. Reputations could be tainted. Futures could realistically be altered from one encounter.

So, I ponder you. I laughed a ton at Ashley’s post about you yesterday. She nailed it when she said, “Lindsay wasn’t, and isn’t, one of those over-the-top, friendly, warm personalities at first.” I’m just not. Sweet Mama Roth’s told me for years that I intimidate the boys maybe explaining me being boyfriendless. Who knows, maybe she’s onto something?! I’ve been told time and again people were intimidated by me in the beginning, but once they get to know me they laugh about why.

Truth of the matter, I’ll never be the bubbly, loving, warm, over-the-top girl upon meeting (hmmm…maybe ever:)). I’ll definitely give a strong handshake, look in the eye and be kind or at least cordial. I’ll shoot a person straight. With me, what’s seen is what’s true and received. I’ll do my best to never be rude, but I look forward to the opportunity to dig into lives rather than have obnoxious small talk. I’m the girl that’s going to come alongside and get to know someone really well and remain loyal for a long time, but I’ll never be the girl described as sweet.

I don’t believe all intimidation is negative. A little bit’s fine, but I wonder how many people I’ve “intimidated’ and never had the opportunity to share my “sweet’ side with?! Today, I laugh how many of my friendships have formed with intimidation at the helm, but I also wonder how many of you I’ve blown. Today, I’m reminded to wholly embrace who I am and how the Lord’s wired me, but I’m also challenged to value you more than ever before.

You’re a first we never get back while having the ability to change the future,

Intimidating with you, Loyal to the end

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I'm Lindsay. I write letters at least one a day to be exact. I love words of affirmation, the OKC Thunder, Oklahoma State, tempos with v-necks, ice water, garage sales, budgeting and Blue Bell. Processing life and quality conversation make me tick. I'm simple yet complex all at the same time. My family and friends mean more to me than the world, but my identity lies in Christ.

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