Letter #170: Spring Break for Life

Dear spring break,

Well, I may be out of school, but I’m not quite ready to give you up. No, I’m not a teacher, so I don’t technically get you anymore, but I loved getting to take my vacation days during you.

Based on my last six posts, I’m pretty sure it was obvious we had a great trip to San Diego! I’d recommend anybody to vacation there. Our group was pretty indicative that it’s a place with great opportunity for all ages. We had little kids, singles, young marrieds, old marrieds/grandparents, and I’d venture to say everyone had fun! Lots to do, beautiful landscape and perfect weather. Before I knew what I’d be doing this year I joked that I’d just move to San Diego, get a job and make ends meet. Well, the little bit I saw this week, I don’t think this would’ve been a bad idea.

So, you’ve come to an end. Vacation has ceased, and we’re all back in Oklahoma. I decided to stay for the weekend to get a physical before camp this summer, do laundry (Mama Roth did it for me for my birthday…best present ever along with having steak for lunch!) and relax for a couple days. While I missed a ton of my friends that utilized you to visit Shady B, it turned out to be a blessing I was here.

The Rother girls were two for two in two days for ER visits with me not being one of the two…knock on wood, let’s keep it that way! As I mentioned in Day 2 of San Diego, we made a pitstop at an urgent care in Cali for a rash/infection on Dana’s legs. Well, antibiotics failed and the rash continued to get worse. She ended up in the ER Wednesday night with doctors suspecting staph. All blood work came back clear and her body hasn’t responded to antibiotics. She doesn’t have staph, but doctors are baffled. She’s been taken off all antibiotics, and they’re letting it run its course. But, the story just gets better!

Jamie’s family flew in Thursday night. That afternoon she began having stomach pain but wrote it off as severe gas bubbles…flying with two little ones and tons of luggage, I probably would’ve written it off too. At 4:30 a.m. severe pain led to an ER visit with tests resulting in an emergency appendectomy. I stepped in as aunt/nanny, and Kaedyn, Paxton and I had a grand time. Surgery went well, and Jamie came home this morning on crazy pain meds. I asked her if this or a C-section was more painful: she said it sucked she didn’t have baby to show for it. She’s doing well, and Chad’s taking up the slack around the house.

Kaedyn and Paxton brought wild flowers in a Gatorade bottle!

All that being said, I’m a big fan of you, but my goodness, you threw some curveballs this year. Towed car, jankity appendix, undetectable rash, hilarious conversations and family dynamics. I’ve had some great ones of you in my days, but this one is well worth adding to the list. Thankful everyone made it back in one piece in the midst of all the chaos.

Looking forward to many more great years of you,

Hopefully a spring breaker for life

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