Letter #164: San Diego Day 1

Dear family vacation,

I knew you were going to be a riot, but I definitely didn’t expect you to be as chaotic and hilarious as this. Here’s our line-up…me, Papa and Mama Roth, nephews, both sisters and brother-in-laws as well as both sets of their in-laws. Yes, the 13 of us touring San Diego in three rental cars…you do the math.

You have been nothing short of what I imagined. My not so detail-oriented sister created an itinerary (if you could call it that!) including only theme parks a couple months ago. Thankfully, my other sister and bro-in-law are planners and made the most detailed itinerary I’ve ever seen including eating locations, historical sites, shopping and theme parks…honestly, I’d travel on their itinerary anywhere, any day of the year.

Literally the first site we saw was a good “ole Culligan truck. Dad, you can move to Cali!!

Day one was a day of firsts. First time to Cali. First time to eat fish tacos (pretty good). First time to travel with this much family. We quickly headed to the Harbor and visited the USS Midway. This is an old Naval battleship you can tour. Pretty neat and all the boys really loved it!

Pretending to give a speech behind the podium on the flight deck

Next, a cruise…if only it were another one with my Institute friends! We went on an hour cruise through the Harbor and saw the whole Naval base. Most of the ships were out since we’re still at war and more will likely be deployed to aid Japan. We also saw the 5th largest hospital in the U.S. It’s a ship.

We ended our long day of traveling with a trip to Little Italy and dinner at Fillippi’s. Unbelievable Italian food.

Next stop: Extraordinary Desserts. Holy cow, this place was insane. I ordered the Dulce de Leche cake, and it’s been on the Food Network show, The Best Thing I Ever Ate…it did not disappoint. This place would break me in a heartbeat, but I’m glad to have experienced high class Cali at least once!

After waking up at 4 am to fly out, it was time to call it a day. My pull out couch of a bed was calling my name…oh, the benefits of being the only single person in the family! This is going to be quite the trip to say the least, and I’m excited for the stories you will continue to provide.

Kaedyn fell asleep at the dinner table without eating and sitting up!

I thought you were supposed to be relaxing,

Exhausted vacationer

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