Letter #4: Camp Coming to Real LIfe

Dear K-West Staff,

Wow. It’s Oct. 4th. You have been gone from the gates of K-West for two or three months now. It’s hard for me to fathom that camp’s been over that long. After five summers working at camp, this year has been a stranger transition than ever. For the first time, I went from working at camp in the summers to working at camp year round. I couldn’t be more excited about my job, and I really have loved the last month working in Branson during camp’s off season. However, working in the office will never compare to working in Lampe with all of you.

I have been sitting in the office, attending meetings to prep for next summer, writing you guys, brainstorming ideas to make camp better and coming up with ways to implement them, prepping for trail and learning how to interview and simply wishing I could walk TAPS through the cabins and chat with each of you. I haven’t been disconnected from camp and thrown back into sorority life, classes, campus involvement and friends like normal. I think I understand how special the three months of camp are more now that I’m on the other side of it (not that the other nine are bad, just different).

However, I get to begin traveling today and am going to get to see A LOT of you! All over the country we’re going to get to have a little bit of camp away from camp as Kanakuk shows up on your campus. Here’s where I’ll be the next couple weeks:

  • Oct. 4-5: Auburn University…..WAR EAGLE!
  • Oct. 5-6: Samford University
  • Oct. 6-8: Hanging out in Auburn!
  • Oct. 8: Kanakuk Reunion in Dallas
  • Oct. 9-11: Hanging out in Dallas and going to the Texas State Fair!
  • Oct. 11-12: Texas A&M…Whoop!
  • Oct. 13-14: Baylor University…Sic “Em!

Looking forward to the fun friends I’m going to see along this journey as well as the new friends I’ll make along the way.

*Not to mention, selfishly, I’m stoked about all the places I’m going to see that I’d never get to otherwise.*

Enjoy college like never before as Fall takes over your campus. This was always my favorite time of year at OSU: football season, Homecoming, pumpkin bars at the Kappa Delta house, changing leaves, long sleeves and cowboy boots weather and Aspen Coffee. However, while you’re enjoying it, don’t forget the memories and friendships you made at camp this summer.

Hopefully I’ll see you soon,

Your scheduler (Can’t believe I just admitted to enjoying TAPS)

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